Definition of RockTenn Merger

RockTenn Merger means the merger of RockTenn and Rome Merger Sub, Inc., a Georgia corporation, pursuant to the Combination Agreement, pursuant to which RockTenn will be the surviving corporation.

Examples of RockTenn Merger in a sentence

None of MWV, RockTenn, TopCo, MWV Merger Sub, the MWV Surviving Company, RockTenn Merger Sub, the RockTenn Surviving Corporation or the Exchange Agent shall be liable to any person in respect of any portion of the Merger Consideration delivered to a public official pursuant to any applicable abandoned property, escheat or similar law.
At the Effective Time, TopCo shall take all corporate actions to reserve, and shall reserve, for issuance a sufficient number of shares of TopCo Common Stock to deliver the aggregate RockTenn Merger Consideration that would have been issued in respect of the Reserved RockTenn Common Stock if each share of Reserved RockTenn Common Stock had been converted into one share of TopCo Common Stock pursuant to Section 3.1(a).
Thereafter, MWV, on the one hand, and RockTenn, TopCo, MWV Merger Sub and RockTenn Merger Sub, on the other hand, shall consult with each other before issuing any press release or making any public statement with respect to this Agreement or the transactions contemplated hereby and shall not issue any such press release or make any such public statement without the prior consent of the other, such consent not to be unreasonable withheld, conditioned or delayed.
The RockTenn Merger shall have the effects set forth in of the applicable provisions of the GBCC.
Following the Effective Time, the separate corporate existence of RockTenn Merger Sub shall cease, and RockTenn shall continue as the surviving corporation in the RockTenn Merger and shall succeed to and assume all the rights, privileges, immunities, properties, powers and franchises of RockTenn Merger Sub in accordance with the GBCC.