RISK AND INSURANCE. Until the Effective Time on the Effective Date, the Purchased Assets shall be and remain at the risk of SST. If, prior to the Effective Time on the Effective Date, all or any material part of the Purchased Assets are destroyed or damaged by fire or any other casualty, WC shall have the option, exercisable by notice in writing:

Examples of RISK AND INSURANCE in a sentence

  • The approved Cyber Crisis Management Plan (CCMP) of the Department is attached herewith to insure strict compliance of the guidelines contained therein.

  • CONDITION REGARDING CONTRACTOR'S RISK AND INSURANCE The second para in clause 47 of the Preliminary Specification to T.N.D.S.S. is not operative and stands cancelled.

  • RISK AND INSURANCE: How Insurance WorksInsurance is an agreement where, for a stipulated payment called the premium, one party (the insurer) agrees to pay to the other (the policyholder or his designated beneficiary) a defined amount (the claim payment or benefit) upon the occurrence of a specific loss.

  • The EU and some MS have governmental research agencies and scientific institutions with specific government science advice mandates.

  • ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND INSURANCE CERTIFICATION Many recreational activities and outdoor programs involve substantial risks of bodily injury or death, property damage, and other dangers associated with participation in such activities.

  • Keeton, INSURANCE LAW, § 1.3(b) n.1 (quoting Deneberg, et al., RISK AND INSURANCE (1964), at p.

  • APPENDIX B AGREEMENT FOR SERVICES OF RISK AND INSURANCE CONSULTANT AGREEMENT, dated as of , 20 by and between the New York City Water Board (the "Board"), a corporate municipal instrumentality of the State of New York (the "State"), and (the "Consultant"), a located at .

  • M., Cost and Management Accounting, Taxman 11.Drury, C., Management and Cost Accounting, Thomson MFC 2.3 RISK AND INSURANCE MANAGEMENT Objective: This course aims at developing necessary skills for applying the principles of financial analysis to management of funds by commercial banks and the insurance sector.

  • RISK AND INSURANCE The Products supplied by Treadwell to the Customer’s will be at the Customer’s sole risk immediately on delivery to the Customer (i.e., Ex-Works unless agreed otherwise in writing per clause 3) or into the Customer’s custody including its carrier (whichever is the sooner).

  • Schumacher, CPA, Chief Financial OfficerSTATE OF WEST VIRGINIADEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATIONBOARD OF RISK AND INSURANCE MANAGEMENT90 MACCORKLE AVENUE SW, Suite 203 (304) 766-2646 ADMINISTRATIONSOUTH CHARLESTON, WV 25303 (304) 744-7120 FAX(800) 345-4669 TOLL FREE WVwww.state.wv.us/brim Earl Ray Tomblin Ross TaylorGovernor Charles E.


  • Insurance means (i) all insurance policies covering any or all of the Collateral (regardless of whether the Collateral Agent is the loss payee thereof) and (ii) any key man life insurance policies.

  • Hazard Insurance A fire and casualty extended coverage insurance policy insuring against loss or damage from fire and other perils covered within the scope of standard extended hazard coverage naming the Servicer, its successors and assigns, as a mortgagee under a standard mortgagee clause, together with all riders and endorsements thereto.

  • Crew Insurances means insurances against crew risks which shall include but not be limited to death, sickness, repatriation, injury, shipwreck unemployment indemnity and loss of personal effects.

  • Fidelity Insurance means insurance coverage with respect to employee errors, omissions, dishonesty, forgery, theft, disappearance and destruction, robbery and safe burglary, property (other than money and securities) and computer fraud.

  • FHA Insurance The contractual obligation of FHA respecting the insurance of an FHA Loan pursuant to the National Housing Act, as amended.

  • group insurance means insurance, other than creditor’s group insurance and family insurance, whereby the lives of a number of persons are insured severally under a single contract between an insurer and an employer or other person; (“assurance collective”)

  • General Liability Insurance Subcontractor shall carry minimum primary General Liability Insurance for the following amounts:

  • Property Insurance is defined in Section 6.10(a).

  • Hazard Insurance Policy means, with respect to each Contract, the policy of fire and extended coverage insurance (and federal flood insurance, if the Manufactured Home is secured by an FHA/VA Contract and such Manufactured Home is located in a federally designated special flood area) required to be maintained for the related Manufactured Home, as provided in Section 5.09, and which, as provided in said Section 5.09, may be a blanket mortgage impairment policy maintained by the Servicer in accordance with the terms and conditions of said Section 5.09.

  • Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy means an errors and omissions insurance policy maintained by the Master Servicer, the Special Servicer, the Trustee, the Custodian or the Certificate Administrator, as the case may be, in accordance with Section 8.2, Section 9.2 and Section 7.17, respectively.

  • Professional liability insurance means insurance against legal liability incident to the practice of a profession and provision of a professional service.

  • Standard Hazard Insurance Policy means a fire and casualty extended coverage insurance policy in such amount and with such coverage as required by this Agreement.

  • Travel Insurance means coverage for personal risks incidental to planned travel, including one or more of the following:

  • Liability Insurance means compulsory professional liability errors and omissions insurance required by a governing body;

  • Underlying insurance means the DESIGNATED UNDERLYING POLICY and all insurances affording professional liability insurance coverage to any INSURED hereunder which are considered to be primary to this insurance, including without limitation, any such mandatory insurance coverage afforded any INSURED by any law society or other program, and any such non-mandatory insurances purchased as coverage or primary to (beneath) this POLICY coverage, but in no case shall include any insurance specifically acquired and stated to be in excess of this POLICY. Signed on behalf of Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity CompanyDaniel E. PinningtonDaniel E. PinningtonPresident and Chief Executive Officer Endorsement No . 1pollutIon exClusIonThis POLICY, subject to all its terms and conditions not in conflict with this endorsement, and further to Part III Exclusion (g), shall include the following:This insurance does not apply to:(a) damage arising out of the actual, alleged or threatened discharge, seepage, dispersal, release or escape of pollutants:

  • Company Insurance Policies has the meaning set forth in Section 3.14.

  • Industrial insured captive insurance company means a company that insures risks of the industrial insureds that comprise the industrial insured group and their affiliated companies.

  • Errors and Omissions Policy As defined in each of the Servicing Agreements.

  • General Liability means:Your legal liability in respect of Personal Injury and/or Property Damage and/or Advertising Injury caused by or arising out of an Occurrence happening in connection with the Business other than Products Liability.

  • Other Insurance means insurance available to any covered person that covers a loss to which this policy applies, other than either primary insurance or insurance specifically purchased by you to be excess of the insurance afforded by this policy.

  • Force-Placed Insurance shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.4.

  • Medical malpractice insurance means insurance against legal liability incident to the practice and provision of a medical service other than the practice and provision of a dental service.

  • Type of insurance means coverage afforded under the particular policy that is being placed.

  • Co-insurance means the percentage of the usual, reasonable, customary, and fair market value expense that a covered person must pay.

  • Required Insurances means collectively the Project Facility Insurances and the Contractor Insurances.

  • Casualty insurance means liability insurance.