REMIC Termination Payment definition

REMIC Termination Payment. As defined in Section 10.01.

Examples of REMIC Termination Payment in a sentence

  • Only an amount equal to the Mortgage Loan Purchase Price less any Swap Optional Termination Payment (the "REMIC Termination Payment") shall be made available for distribution to the Regular Certificates.

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  • Termination Payment means the payment amount equal to the sum of (a) and (b), where (a) is the Settlement Amount and (b) is the sum of all amounts owed by the Defaulting Party to the Non-Defaulting Party under this Agreement, less any amounts owed by the Non-Defaulting Party to the Defaulting Party determined as of the Early Termination Date.

  • Swap Termination Payment Upon the designation of an “Early Termination Date” as defined in the Swap Agreement, the payment to be made by the Swap Administrator to the Swap Provider from payments from the Trust Fund, or by the Swap Provider to the Swap Administrator for payment to the Trust Fund, as applicable, pursuant to the terms of the Swap Agreement.

  • Termination Payments means any payment or distribution of Compensation or benefits made pursuant to Section 4.1(a)-(c) of this Agreement.

  • Swap Termination Payments shall have the meaning set forth in each Swap Agreement.

  • Termination Payment Date means the earlier of the first Distribution Date following the liquidation or sale of the Receivables as a result of an Insolvency Event and the occurrence of the Scheduled Series 1995-1 Termination Date.

  • Early Termination Payment is defined in Section 4.3(b) of this Agreement.

  • Estimated Swap Termination Payment means, with respect to an Early Termination Date, an amount determined by Party A in good faith and in a commercially reasonable manner as the maximum payment that could be owed by Party B to Party A in respect of such Early Termination Date pursuant to Section 6(e) of the ISDA Master Agreement, taking into account then current market conditions.

  • Defaulted Swap Termination Payment Any Swap Termination Payment required to be paid by the Trust to the Swap Provider pursuant to the Interest Rate Swap Agreement as a result of an Event of Default (as defined in the Interest Rate Swap Agreement) with respect to which the Swap Provider is the defaulting party or a Termination Event (as defined in the Interest Rate Swap Agreement) (other than Illegality or a Tax Event that is not a Tax Event Upon Merger (each as defined in the Interest Rate Swap Agreement )) with respect to which the Swap Provider is the sole Affected Party (as defined in the Interest Rate Swap Agreement).

  • Separation Payment means any lump sum cash payment in excess of Earned Salary and Accrued Obligations payable to Employee under this Agreement.

  • Termination Benefit means the benefit set forth in Article 7.

  • Early Termination Amount means, in respect of any Note, its principal amount or such other amount as may be specified in, or determined in accordance with, these Conditions or the relevant Final Terms;

  • Termination Benefits means the benefits described in Section 4.1(b).

  • Termination Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 7.02(a).

  • Servicer Termination Notice Defined in Section 6.15.

  • Termination Price As defined in Section 9.01.

  • Company Termination Fee has the meaning set forth in Section 7.3(a).

  • Swap Termination Event means any event defined as a “Termination Event” in the Interest Rate Swap Agreement.

  • Non-Payment Period means any period commencing on and including the day on which the Trust shall fail to (i) declare, prior to the close of business on the second Business Day preceding any Dividend Payment Date, for payment on or (to the extent permitted by paragraph 2(c)(i) of this Article VIII, Section 2 of these Amended By-Laws) within three Business Days after such Dividend Payment Date to the Holders as of 12:00 noon, New York City time, on the Business Day preceding such Dividend Payment Date, the full amount of any dividend on shares of APS payable on such Dividend Payment Date or (ii) deposit, irrevocably in trust, in same-day funds, with the Auction Agent by 12:00 noon, New York City time, (A) on such Dividend Payment Date the full amount of any cash dividend on such shares payable (if declared) on such Dividend Payment Date or (B) on any redemption date for any shares of APS called for redemption, the Mandatory Redemption Price per share of such APS or, in the case of an optional redemption, the Optional Redemption Price per share, and ending on and including the Business Day on which, by 12:00 noon, New York City time, all unpaid cash dividends and unpaid redemption prices shall have been so deposited or shall have otherwise been made available to Holders in same-day funds; provided that, a Non-Payment Period shall not end unless the Trust shall have given at least five days' but no more than 30 days' written notice of such deposit or availability to the Auction Agent, all Existing Holders (at their addresses appearing in the Share Books) and the Securities Depository. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the failure by the Trust to deposit funds as provided for by clauses (ii)(A) or (ii)(B) above within three Business Days after any Dividend Payment Date or redemption date, as the case may be, in each case to the extent contemplated by paragraph 2(c)(i) of these Amended By-Laws, shall not constitute a "Non-Payment Period."

  • Loan Termination Date means the earliest to occur of the following: (i) as to TERM NOTE 2, TERM NOTE 4, and TERM NOTE 5, September 1, 2011; as to the REVOLVING NOTE, April 21, 2006; (ii) the date the OBLIGATIONS are accelerated pursuant to this AGREEMENT, and (iii) the date BANK receives (a) notice in writing from BORROWER of BORROWER’S election to terminate this AGREEMENT and (b) indefeasible payment in full of the OBLIGATIONS.

  • Termination Period means the period of time beginning with a Change in Control and ending on the earlier to occur of:

  • Compensation Accrued at Termination means the following:

  • Change in Control Benefit means the benefit described in Section 2.4.

  • Accrual Termination Date Not applicable.

  • Termination Fee Event has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 8.2(2).

  • Compensation Payment means a payment, whether in monetary form or in the form of a benefit or service, by or on behalf of an insurer to a complainant to compensate the complainant for a proven or estimated financial loss incurred as a result of the insurer’s contravention, non-compliance, action, failure to act, or unfair treatment forming the basis of the complaint, where the insurer accepts liability for having caused the loss concerned, but excludes any –

  • Special Termination Notice means the Notice of Special Termination substantially in the form of Annex VII to this Agreement.