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religious denomination means a religious body or religious organisation declared by the Governor-General by proclamation pursuant to the Marriage Act 1961 (Cwlth) to be a recognised denomination for the purposes of the Commonwealth Act.
religious denomination means a group of individual churches or
religious denomination means a religious body or religious organisation declared by the Governor-General by proclamation pursuant to the

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religious denomination means the adherents of any religion and includes any church, sect, or other sub-
religious denomination means an organized society, association, or body of religious believers or worshippers consisting of not less than 25 persons professing to believe in the same religious doctrines, dogma, or creed and closely associated or organized for religious worship or discipline or both. (« confession religieuse »)

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  • Children of other Christian denominations means children who belong to other churches and ecclesial communities which, acknowledging God’s revelation in Christ, confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour according to the Scriptures, and, in obedience to God’s will and in the power of the Holy Spirit commit themselves: to seek a deepening of their communion with Christ and with one another in the Church, which is his body; and to fulfil their mission to proclaim the Gospel by common witness and service in the world to the glory of the one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. An ecclesial community which on principle has no credal statements in its tradition, is included if it manifests faith in Christ as witnessed to in the Scriptures and is committed to working in the spirit of the above.All members of Churches Together in England and of Churches Together in Wales are deemed to be included in the above definition, as are all other churches and ecclesial communities that are in membership of any local Churches Together Group (by whatever title) on the above basis.

  • Specified Denomination means, in respect of a Series of Covered Bonds, the denomination or denominations of such Covered Bonds specified in the applicable Final Terms;

  • Authorized Denominations means $5,000 or any integral multiple thereof.

  • Authorized Denomination means, with respect to a Note, a principal amount thereof equal to $1,000 or any integral multiple of $1,000 in excess thereof.

  • registered dentist means a fully registered person within the meaning of the Dentists Act 1984 who holds a license to practice under that Act;

  • Minimum Denomination means, with respect to any Recovery Bond, the minimum denomination therefor specified in the Series Supplement, which minimum denomination shall be not less than $2,000, except for one Recovery Bond of each tranche which may be of smaller denomination, and, except as otherwise provided in the Series Supplement, integral multiples of $1,000 in excess thereof.

  • Registered nurse means a person registered by the Board as a Registered Nurse.

  • Redenomination Date means (in the case of interest bearing Notes) any date for payment of interest under the Notes or (in the case of Zero Coupon Notes) any date, in each case specified by the Issuer in the notice given to the Noteholders pursuant to paragraph (a) above and which falls on or after the date on which the country of the Specified Currency first participates in the third stage of European economic and monetary union; and

  • Registered Equivalent Notes means, with respect to any notes originally issued in a Rule 144A or other private placement transaction under the Securities Act of 1933, substantially identical notes (having the same Guarantees) issued in a dollar-for-dollar exchange therefor pursuant to an exchange offer registered with the SEC.