Regular academic session definition

Regular academic session means the Fall/Winter terms.
Regular academic session means the Fall/Winter terms on the Peterborough campus of the University.
Regular academic session means each period beginning on the first day class is in regular session at any school at the beginning of the school calendar, excluding pre-planning, and ending on the last day that class is in regular session at the end of the school calendar, each such period being comprised of 180 Academy business days.

Examples of Regular academic session in a sentence

  • Regular academic session office hours are Monday thru Thursday, 8:30am - 4:30pm and Friday 8:30am – 4:00pm.

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  • Regular Hours means the hours between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday, excluding the following holidays: Presidents' Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day.

  • Regular Season means, with respect to any Season, the period beginning on the first day and ending on the last day of regularly scheduled (as opposed to exhibition or playoff) competition between NBA Teams.

  • Regular hours worked means those hours which the court is regularly scheduled to work during any given work week. Depending on the particular court, these hours may vary from court to court within the county but remain the same for each work week.

  • Regular license means a license issued to a child care organization indicating that the organization is in substantial compliance with all rules promulgated under this act and, if there is a deficiency, has entered into a corrective action plan.

  • Regular Attendance means your personal visits to a Physician which are medically necessary according to generally accepted medical standards to effectively manage and treat your Disability or Partial Disability.

  • Extracurricular activity means any optional, noncredit, educational or

  • Regular account means the account established for each active and inactive member un-

  • regular service means service rendered by an employee in the Cadre on a regular basis other than the service on contract or daily wages or ad-hoc but includes ad-hoc promotion or appointment in a cadre post through due procedure followed by regularization to the extant approved by the competent authority.

  • Auricular acupuncture means the subcutaneous insertion of sterile, disposable acupuncture needles

  • Curricular activity means an activity, course, or program that is:

  • Regular Shipper means (i) a Committed Shipper, and (ii) a Shipper that has Actual Shipments in each of the twelve months of the Base Period. A Regular Shipper described in clause (ii) ceases to be a Regular Shipper if it has no Actual Shipments for one or more months out of the Base Period, and thereafter, that Shipper will be treated as a New Shipper unless and until it meets Regular Shipper criteria.

  • Commercial sexual activity means any sex act on account of which anything of value is given to, promised to, or received by any person.

  • Authorized nuclear pharmacist means a pharmacist who:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) indicator means a four-character suffix to the unique entity identifier. The suffix is assigned at the discretion of the commercial, nonprofit, or Government entity to establish additional System for Award Management records for identifying alternative EFT accounts (see subpart 32.11) for the same entity.

  • Semi-annual (2/Year) sampling frequency means the sampling shall be done during the months of June and December, unless specifically identified otherwise.

  • Co-curricular activity means an activity, course, or program that:

  • NORMAL HOURS/TIMINGS OF DUTY means the duty hours, which may be stipulated or instructed by the Company's Engineer.

  • American Express Meeting Planner Account or “AMEX MPA” is the method by which all Master Account charges under this Agreement shall be settled with an American Express Meeting Planner Account or AMEX MPA number. The appropriate and authorized AMEX MPA number will be provided to the Contractor only when a final invoice is received, reviewed, and approved by the AOC, in accordance with the provisions of this exhibit.

  • Traffic control device means a flagger, sign, signal, marking, or other device used to regulate, warn or guide traffic, placed on, over, or adjacent to a street, highway, private road open to public travel, pedestrian facility, or shared-use path by authority of a public agency or official having jurisdiction, or, in the case of a private road open to public travel, by authority of the private owner or private official having jurisdiction.

  • Established geographic service area means a geographic area, as approved by the Commissioner and based on the carrier's certificate of authority to transact insurance in this state, within which the carrier is authorized to provide coverage;

  • Regular Position means an individual Nurse’s job defined as a percentage of full-time hours as set out in the appointment letter referred to in Article 15.

  • Semi-annual (2/Year) sampling frequency means the sampling shall be done during the months of June and December, unless specifically identified otherwise.

  • Regular general election means the election held throughout the state on the first

  • Regular Distribution Dates means each April 1 and October 1, commencing on April 1, 2016; provided, however, that, if any such day shall not be a Business Day, the related distribution shall be made on the next succeeding Business Day without additional interest.

  • Pivotal Clinical Trial means a pivotal human clinical trial of a Licensed Product with a defined dose or a set of defined doses of such Licensed Product designed to ascertain efficacy and safety of such Licensed Product for the purpose of enabling the preparation and submission of an MAA to the competent Regulatory Authorities in a country of the Territory, as further defined in 21 C.F.R. § 312.21(c) for the U.S., as amended from time to time, or the corresponding foreign regulations.

  • Phase I Clinical Trial means a study in humans which provides for the first introduction into humans of a product, conducted in normal volunteers or patients to generate information on product safety, tolerability, pharmacological activity or pharmacokinetics, or otherwise consistent with the requirements of U.S. 21 C.F.R. §312.21(a) or its foreign equivalents.