Raffle game definition

Raffle game means a game played at any sales agent location by purchasing a ticket that will be sold for a limited sales period, in which a number of chances or plays will be offered.
Raffle game means a game as described under s. 563.908 (1) or a plastic or rubber duck race or other game of chance that has been approved by the department under s. 563.909.

Examples of Raffle game in a sentence

  • Game Name: New Mexico Lottery Raffle (Name of each individual Raffle game will vary) Retail Sales Price: Price may vary for each Raffle game Play Style: A number-match game with a limited number of tickets that willbe sold within a limited sales period.

  • Therefore, in order to address these challenges, competence in social work, community work, labour relations, public management, business administration and human resource disciplines is required.

  • Except as provided in individual Raffle game rules, all prizes will be paid out as set prizes.

  • In addition, the Lottery may offer from time to time a second chance drawing in which a coupon may be printed with the sale of each Raffle game ticket.

  • Drawings: NMLA Raffle game drawing dates will be determined by Executive Staff and CEO Expected Prize Pay Out: NMLA Raffle game prizes will be set per game by the CEO and Executive Staff.

  • Each game will follow the rules established in this document as well as the individual procedures established for that particular Raffle game.

  • Drawings: Raffle game drawing dates will be determined by the CEO or designee.

  • Expected Prize Payout: Raffle game prizes will be set per game by the CEO or designee.

  • Game number nine hundred forty is the Ohio-adopted version of the "Multi-State Raffle" game.

  • No prize in the 2021 Minnesota Millionaire Raffle game may be paid to a person under 18 years of age.

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