r/r MM definition

r/r MM means relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma.

Examples of r/r MM in a sentence

  • With the potential addition of another pre-BLA product for a hematologic malignancy indication, the Company anticipates its near-term product portfolio to include three products that effectively cover the three major disease entities of hematologic malignancies, i.e. AML, MDS, and NHL, by lemzoparlimab in various combinations with AZA, venetoclax, rituximab, and r/r MM by felzartamab in combination with lenalidomide and other agents.

  • Receipt of any biological therapy, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy, except for palliative purposes, within 2 weeks prior to Day 1 or five half-lives, whichever is shorter; or any investigational therapy within 28 days prior to Day 1 Exclusion Criteria Specific to Regimens B and C (r/r MM) 18.

  • Other anti-BCMA CAR-T therapies have demonstrated high response rates and manageable toxicity profiles in patients with r/r MM who have failed up to ten prior lines of therapy.

  • OPERATING HIGHLIGHTS FOR THE SECOND QUARTER OF 2020 PROPRIETARY DEVELOPMENT‌• On April 27, 2020, MorphoSys and I-Mab announced the dosing of the first patient in an ongoing phase3 clinical study in mainland China to evaluate MorphoSys' human CD38 antibody felzartamab (MOR202/TJ202) in combination with lenalidomide plus dexamethasone in patients with relapsed (recurrent) or refractory (treatment-resistant) multiple myeloma (r/r MM).

  • Hofmeister CC, Richardson P, Zimmerman T, Spear MA, Palladino MA, Longenecker AM, Cropp GF, Lloyd GK, Hannah AL, Anderson K (2009) Clinical trial of the novel structure proteasome inhibitor NPI-0052 in patients with relapsed and relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma (r/r MM).

  • Voting yes: Mr. Wheeler, Mr. Richardson, Mr. Cheek, Mr. Bashore, Mr. Ware, Mr. Crouch and Mrs.

  • The data were based on the most recent data cut-off after the primary analysis of the study in r/r MM.

  • On November 17, 2020, Cellectis announced that the FDA lifted the clinical hold on the Phase 1 MELANI-01 trial evaluating the UCARTCS1 product candidate in patients with r/r MM.

  • On July 14, 2020, the Company announced that the FDA accepted the IND application for CYAD-211 and permitted it to go into effect for the treatment of r/r MM.

  • In December 2021, the NMPA approved our IND application relating to JWCAR129 as a treatment for fourth-line or greater, r/r MM.

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  • X-ray tube means any electron tube which is designed to be used primarily for the production of X-rays.

  • Highest Required Investment Category (i) With respect to ratings assigned by Moody’s, “Aa2” or “P-1” for one month instruments, “Aa2” and “P-1” for three month instruments, “Aa3” and “P-1” for six month instruments and “Aa2” and “P-1” for instruments with a term in excess of six months, (ii) with respect to rating assigned by S&P, “A-1” for short-term instruments and “A” for long-term instruments, and (iii) with respect to rating assigned by Fitch (if such investment is rated by Fitch), “F-1+” for short-term instruments and “AAA” for long-term instruments.

  • Class NR-RR Certificate A Certificate designated as “Class NR-RR” on the face thereof, in the form of Exhibit A-2 hereto, and evidencing a “regular interest” in the Upper-Tier REMIC for purposes of the REMIC Provisions.

  • Corresponding Lower-Tier Regular Interests As defined in the Preliminary Statement with respect to any Corresponding Certificates or Corresponding Class X Component.

  • Pricing Ratio means, as of the last day of each fiscal quarter of the Borrower, the Leverage Ratio for the fiscal period consisting of such fiscal quarter of the Borrower and the three immediately preceding fiscal quarters of the Borrower.

  • Class R-4 Interest The uncertificated Residual Interest in REMIC 4.

  • Class R Pass-Through Rate For the first Distribution Date, 4.320% per annum. As of any Distribution Date thereafter, the lesser of (1) One-Month LIBOR plus the Class R Margin and (2) the Class A-1 Available Funds Cap for such Distribution Date.

  • Net Acres means (a) with respect to any oil and gas lease in which Shipper has an interest, (i) the number of gross acres in the lands covered by such oil and gas lease, multiplied by (ii) the undivided percentage interest in oil, gas and other minerals covered by such oil and gas lease, multiplied by (iii) Shipper’s working interest in such oil and gas lease, and (b) with respect to any mineral fee interest of Shipper, (i) the number of gross acres in the lands covered by such mineral fee interest, multiplied by (ii) the undivided percentage interest of Shipper in oil, gas and other minerals in such lands.

  • Class R-X Certificate Any one of the Class R-X Certificates executed by the Trustee and authenticated and delivered by the Certificate Registrar, substantially in the form annexed hereto as Exhibit A-R-X and evidencing the ownership of the Class R-IV Interest, the Class R-V Interest and the Class R-VI Interest.

  • Lower Tier REMIC Regular Interests Each of the Lower Tier REMIC Interests other than the Class LTR Interest.

  • Percentage Interest As to any Certificate, the percentage interest evidenced thereby in distributions required to be made on the related Class, such percentage interest being set forth on the face thereof or equal to the percentage obtained by dividing the Denomination of such Certificate by the aggregate of the Denominations of all Certificates of the same Class.

  • Related Lower-Tier Regular Interests For each of the following Classes of Certificates, the related Class of Lower-Tier Regular Interests; and for each of the following Classes of Lower-Tier Regular Interests, the related Class of Certificates set forth below: Related Certificates Related Lower-Tier Regular Interest Class A-1 Certificates Class LA1 Uncertificated Interest Class A-2 Certificates Class LA2 Uncertificated Interest Class A-SB Certificates Class LASB Uncertificated Interest Class A-3 Certificates Class LA3 Uncertificated Interest Class A-4 Certificates Class LA4 Uncertificated Interest Class A-S Certificates Class LAS Uncertificated Interest Class B Certificates Class LB Uncertificated Interest Class C Certificates Class LC Uncertificated Interest Class D Certificates Class LD Uncertificated Interest Class E Certificates Class LE Uncertificated Interest Class F Certificates Class LF Uncertificated Interest Class G Certificates Class LG Uncertificated Interest RR Interest LRR Uncertificated Interest

  • Lower-Tier Residual Interest The sole class of “residual interests”, within the meaning of Code Section 860G(a)(2), in the Lower-Tier REMIC and evidenced by the Class R Certificates.

  • Corresponding Lower-Tier Regular Interest As identified in the Preliminary Statement with respect to any Class of Principal Balance Certificates or Component.

  • Class R Margin As of any Distribution Date up to and including the Initial Optional Termination Date for the Certificates, 0.140% per annum and, as of any Distribution Date after the Initial Optional Termination Date, 0.280% per annum.

  • Class LR Certificate Any one of the Certificates with a “Class LR” designation on the face thereof, executed and authenticated by the Certificate Administrator or the Authenticating Agent on behalf of the Depositor in substantially the form of the Exhibit set forth next to such Class in the Table of Exhibits of this Agreement. The Class LR Certificates have no Pass-Through Rate, Certificate Balance or Notional Balance.

  • Lower-Tier REMIC One of two (2) separate REMICs comprising a portion of the Trust Fund, which consist of the Mortgage Loans (exclusive of Excess Interest) and the proceeds thereof, any REO Property with respect thereto (or an allocable portion thereof, in the case of any Serviced Mortgage Loan), or the Trust’s beneficial interest in the REO Property with respect to a Non-Serviced Whole Loan, such amounts as shall from time to time be held in the Collection Account (other than with respect to any Companion Loan), the related portion of the REO Account, if any, the Interest Reserve Account, the Gain-on-Sale Reserve Account, the Retained Certificate Gain-on-Sale Reserve Account, the Lower-Tier REMIC Distribution Account, and all other properties included in the Trust Fund that are not in the other Trust REMIC or the Grantor Trust, except for the Loss of Value Reserve Fund.

  • REMIC 2 Overcollateralization Target Amount 1.00% of the Overcollateralization Target Amount.

  • Transaction Category means the particular type of repurchase transaction effected hereunder, as determined with reference to the term of the transaction and the categories of Securities that constitute Eligible Securities therefor, which term shall include FICASH I Transactions, FICASH II Transactions, FICASH III Transactions, FITERM I Transactions, FITERM II Transactions, FITERM III Transactions, and such other transaction categories as may from time to time be designated by the Funds by notice to Seller, Custodian and Repo Custodian.

  • Lower-Tier Regular Interests Any of the Class LA1, Class LA2, Class LASB, Class LA3, Class LA4, Class LAS, Class LB, Class LC, Class LD, Class LE, Class LF, Class LG and LRR Uncertificated Interests.

  • Lower Tier Schedule The schedule attached hereto as Exhibit D. MBS: Any Fannie Mae Guaranteed Mortgage Pass-Through Certificate held in the Lower Tier REMIC and identified in the Mortgage Security Schedule.

  • Class R-1 Interest The uncertificated Residual Interest in REMIC 1.

  • Class R-II Interest The uncertificated Residual Interest in REMIC II.

  • Lower Tier REMIC Interests Each of the Class LTA-1 Interest, the Class LTA-2A Interest, the Class LTA-2B Interest, the Class LTA-2C Interest, the Class LTA-2D Interest, the Class LTM-1 Interest, the Class LTM-2 Interest, the Class LTM-3 Interest, the Class LTM-4 Interest, the Class LTM-5 Interest, the Class LTM-6 Interest, the Class LTB-1 Interest, the Class LTB-2 Interest, the Class LTB-3 Interest, the Class LTIX Interest, the Class LTIIX Interest, the Class LTII1A Interest, the Class LTII1B Interest, the Class LTII2A Interest, the Class LTII2B Interest, the Class LT-IO Interest and the Class LTR Interest.

  • Original Lower-Tier Principal Amount With respect to any Class of Lower-Tier Regular Interest, the initial principal amount thereof as of the Closing Date, in each case as specified in the Preliminary Statement.

  • Class X-G Pass-Through Rate The Pass-Through Rate for Class X-G Certificates for any Distribution Date will equal the excess, if any of (a) the Weighted Average Net Mortgage Rate for the related Distribution Date, over (b) the Pass-Through Rate of the Class G Certificates. The Pass-Through Rate applicable to the Class X-G Certificates for the initial Distribution Date shall be the rate set forth in the Preliminary Statement hereto.