Definition of Power On

Power On means that the Product has been mechanically and electrically assembled to the point where power is applied to the major mechanical and electrical systems and they are ready for software installation.
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See Power On! New Tools for Teaching and Learning (OTA-SET-379), Li&"ng for Learning: A New Course for Education (OTA-SET-34Q), High School Vocational Education: Measures of Program Performance (OTA background paper), and Elementary and Secondary Education for Science and Engineering (OTA-TM-SET-41).
Power On is a multi-layered online outreach program in Seattle, Tacoma, Kansas City and Peoria.
Allegheny Power On December 31, 2008, the Comm ission approved AP's design of the Com pany's proposed energy efficiency and dem and response programs.47 Subsequently, on August 6, 2009, the Commission approved the budget and savings projections for the previously approved programs in Commission Order No. 82825.
We want to welcome you to our first panel of the day, which is entitled "Laying the Groundwork: The Past, Present, and Future of Solar Power." On this panel, we will explore the development of the solar industry and solar technology, the environmental implications of solar, the operational and cost impacts of solar distributed generation on utilities, and the drivers of consumer demand for solar.
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