Definition of Post Confirmation Debtor Assets

Post Confirmation Debtor Assets means all property of the Debtor as of the Confirmation Date (excluding Purchased Assets and Transferred Equity Interests sold to Purchaser pursuant to the Sale Order and Asset Purchase Agreement), including, without limitation, the Excluded Assets, all Causes of Action, and Litigation Claims.
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Examples of Post Confirmation Debtor Assets in a sentence

Liquidating Trust Assets shall include all property and belongings of the Debtor not previously sold to Purchaser, including all property as may have been created by virtue of the Bankruptcy Code, and expressly includes all Post Confirmation Debtor Assets, all other unencumbered property of the Debtor, all property of the Committees in this Chapter 11 Case, as well as all other Causes of Action, all Litigation Claims, and the rights to prosecute, enforce and settle same.