Subsidiary Debtors definition

Subsidiary Debtors means, collectively, Congoleum Sales, Inc. and Congoleum Fiscal, Inc.
Subsidiary Debtors means the direct and indirect Subsidiaries of OCD that are set forth in Schedule I hereto and such other Subsidiaries of OCD as may file for protection under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code subsequent to the date hereof and prior to the Confirmation Date.
Subsidiary Debtors means, individually or collectively, the Filed Subsidiary Debtors, and such Subsidiary Non-Debtors, if any, that become Debtors prior to the Confirmation Date.

Examples of Subsidiary Debtors in a sentence

  • Treatment: In full satisfaction, settlement, release and discharge of and in exchange for Intercompany Claims against Filed Subsidiary Debtors, except as otherwise provided herein, Holders of Intercompany Claims against shall receive the treatment afforded to them in the Intercompany Claims Settlement.

  • Classification: Classes 2L through 111L consist of all Securities Litigation Claims against the relevant Filed Subsidiary Debtors.

  • Classification: Classes 2E through 111E consist of all General Unsecured Claims against the relevant Filed Subsidiary Debtors.

  • For any Guarantor Non-Debtor that commences a Chapter 11 Case, such Prepackaged Plan shall classify Allowed Claims and Interests in the same manner as set forth in Section 3.3 above for the Filed Subsidiary Debtors.

  • Treatment: On the Effective Date, all Securities Litigation Claims against Filed Subsidiary Debtors shall be extinguished and Holders of such Claims shall not receive or retain any property under this Plan on account of such Securities Litigation Claims.

More Definitions of Subsidiary Debtors

Subsidiary Debtors means WMAH, DFAH, SRY, and SES.
Subsidiary Debtors means, collectively, Idearc Information Services LLC, Idearc Media LLC, License Application Corporation, Second License Application Corporation, Idearc Media Sales-East Co., Idearc Media Sales-East LLC, Idearc Media Sales-West Inc., Idearc Media Services-East Inc., and Idearc Media Services-West Inc, each of which is a Debtor in the Chapter 11 Case and a direct or indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Idearc.
Subsidiary Debtors means all of the Debtors other than Chemtura Corporation and Chemtura Canada (in the event it becomes a Debtor before the Confirmation Date).
Subsidiary Debtors means each of the Debtors other than Quiksilver.
Subsidiary Debtors means, collectively, all of the Debtors other than RCN.
Subsidiary Debtors means, collectively, Armour and Main Redevelopment Corporation; Baker’s Inn Quality Baked Goods, LLC; Brands; IBC Sales Corporation; IBC Services, LLC; IBC Trucking, LLC; New England Bakery Distributors, L.L.C.; and Mrs. Cubbison’s.
Subsidiary Debtors means each of the Debtors other than Perfumania.13