Definition of Portfolio ROIC Ratio

Portfolio ROIC Ratio means the ratio (expressed as a percentage), calculated on a rolling five (5) Covered Picture basis from and after the date on which the first Ultimates Report which includes five (5) Covered Pictures is delivered to the Administrative Agent pursuant to Section 6.02(b), of (a) the sum of (i) the aggregate Net Ultimates Actually Received with respect to the five (5) Covered Pictures included on the most recent Ultimates Report that most recently became Seasoned Pictures plus (ii) the aggregate Net Remaining Ultimates for such same Pictures that are respectively reflected on such most recent Ultimates Report plus (iii) the aggregate of all Eligible Receivables from Acceptable Obligors that have entered into Distribution Agreements for such Pictures to (b) the aggregate of the Credit Parties' Investment Exposure in such same Pictures.
Sample 1