Debt Service Ratio definition

Debt Service Ratio means for any period the Modified Cash NOI for all consolidated and unconsolidated properties of the Operating Partnership based on its share (determined on a proportional ownership basis based upon the Operating Partnership’s ownership (direct or indirect) in each of its Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures) divided by Debt Service.
Debt Service Ratio means, for any period, the ratio of (a) Qualified Revenue for such period to (b) Debt Service Requirements for such period.
Debt Service Ratio means the ratio determined as follows —

Examples of Debt Service Ratio in a sentence

  • Min 620 Beacon Maximum GDS/TDS: 35/42 or 39/44 if beacon 680+ To calculate borrowers Total Debt Service Ratio, 50% percent of rental income from the subject property may be included into the borrower’s gross annual income.

  • The Borrower will not permit at any time the Debt Service Ratio for any period of four consecutive trailing fiscal quarters ending prior to such time to be less than 1.5 to 1.0.

  • The Company will not permit the Debt Service Ratio to be, as of the end of any Measurement Period, less than 2.50 to 1.00.

  • Such Total Debt Service Ratio shall be calculated at the end of each fiscal quarter of the Companies.

  • A de C.V. will provide to TCFC a statement of its compliance with the above Total Debt Service Ratio requirement on a <PAGE> quarterly basis.

More Definitions of Debt Service Ratio

Debt Service Ratio for a particular period means the ratio of (i) a borrower’s EBIT to (ii) that borrower’s Debt Service Obligations for that period.
Debt Service Ratio means, for any Measurement Period the ratio of (a) Consolidated EBITDA less distributions, dividends and redemptions on account of or with respect to capital stock or other equity interests of the Company or any Subsidiary (other than those (i) required to be paid under agreements entered into with Persons in order to obtain or maintain BBBEE status and (ii) received by the Company or a Subsidiary during such Measurement Period) to (b) Consolidated Fixed Charges.
Debt Service Ratio means, as measured separately for each Borrower as at any date of determination, the ratio of (a) Consolidated EBITDA to (b) the sum of (i) Consolidated Interest Expense plus (ii) an amount equal to three and one-eighths percent (3.125%) of Consolidated Funded Debt (Consolidated EBITDA and Consolidated Interest Expense to be measured on a quarterly basis for the current fiscal quarter).
Debt Service Ratio means as of any quarter end period, with respect to the Borrower on a consolidated basis, the ratio of (a) Borrower's earnings after taxes plus depreciation and other non-cash amortization expenses and other non-cash expenses of Borrower for such quarter, to (b) Borrower's obligations relating to the payment of interest and the current principal amounts due on Borrower's outstanding long term Indebtedness, in each case determined in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, consistently applied.
Debt Service Ratio means at any date of determination, the ratio of (a) the EBITDA reported by the Company for the most recently completed fiscal quarter, to (b) all payments by the Company pursuant to Loan for the most recently completed four fiscal quarters (or lesser number if this Agreement has been in force for less than four fiscal quarters) divided by four (or such lesser number of fiscal quarters for which this Agreement has been in force..
Debt Service Ratio means, with respect to any period, the ratio of (i) OmniCell's earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization minus capital expenditures (net of increases in long term debt to finance such capital expenditures) for such period, calculated in accordance with GAAP, to (ii) the sum of all scheduled principal and interest payable on Indebtedness during such period, plus all taxes and dividends to shareholders payable or paid during such period.
Debt Service Ratio has the meaning specified in the Indenture.