Definition of PMI Contract

PMI Contract means the Matamoros LPG Mix Purchase and Sales Agreement, dated April 28, 2006, by and between Rio and PMI, for the purchase of LPG for the period through March 31, 2007.
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Examples of PMI Contract in a sentence

If a Party receives or pays any monies from or to a third Person, including, without limitation, from PMI pursuant to the PMI Contract that are owed to the other Party, the receiving Party will promptly remit such monies to such other Party.
PMI shall have approved of the assignment of the PMI Contract to Buyer.
ASSIGNEE will execute a new LAP Firm Electric Service Contract with Western for the period beginning October 1, 2024, through the end of the calendar day on September 30, 2054 (the 2025 PMI Contract).
All LPG delivered by Shipper at the Receipt Point and all LPG delivered by Carrier at the Delivery Point must meet the quality specifications required for delivery of LPG to PMI under the terms of the PMI Contract ("Specifications").
The term of this Agreement shall, unless terminated under the provisions of Section 1.2., commence on the Effective Date and remain in full force and effect for the term of the PMI Contract, as extended from time to time thereafter.