Pipeline Operator definition

Pipeline Operator. , in relation to a GDS, means the operator of a pipeline which is interconnected with the GDS.
Pipeline Operator means the entity that schedules and tracks Crude Oil in a Pipeline System.
Pipeline Operator or “Carrier” as herein used means Eagle Ford Pipeline LLC.

Examples of Pipeline Operator in a sentence

  • Further, Pipeline Operator may, after giving reasonable notice to Shippers who may be affected, cease transporting particular grades of Crude Petroleum.

  • If Pipeline Operator determines that the Crude Petroleum tendered for transportation does not meet the specifications contained herein or, in the opinion of Pipeline Operator, differs materially in character from Crude Petroleum being transported by Pipeline Operator, transportation may be either refused or only offered under such terms and conditions agreed to by Pipeline Operator and Shipper and consistent with this tariff.

  • Pipeline Operator may, from time to time, undertake to transport other or additional grades of Crude Petroleum if, in the opinion of Pipeline Operator, sufficient quantities are nominated and facilities are available to justify transportation of such other or additional grades.

  • If, upon investigation, Pipeline Operator determines that a Shipper has delivered to the Pipeline Crude Petroleum that has been contaminated by the existence of and/or excess amounts of impure substances, including but not limited to, chlorinated and/or oxygenated hydrocarbons, arsenic, lead and/or other metals, such Shipper will be excluded from further entry into the Pipeline until such time as quality specifications are met to the satisfaction of Pipeline Operator.

  • Further, Pipeline Operator reserves the right to dispose of any contaminated Crude Petroleum blocking its Pipeline.

More Definitions of Pipeline Operator

Pipeline Operator or “Carrier” as herein used means Plains Pipeline, L.P.
Pipeline Operator means a person which is (and in its capacity as) the owner or operator of one or more Pipelines and licensee under the Pipeline Operator's Licence authorising the conveyance of gas through such Pipeline(s).
Pipeline Operator or “Carrier” as herein used means [W] ExxonMobil Pipeline Company on behalf of Wink to Webster Pipeline LLC.
Pipeline Operator means a person who owns and operates pipeline facilities as defined in the
Pipeline Operator. , in relation to a GDS, means the operator of a
Pipeline Operator means the operator of a transmis- sion pipeline.