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Payment by means of a transfer to a bank account shall be deemed to have been made upon crediting of the amount concerned to the bank account of MCi. All costs related to payment into or transfer to a bank account shall be for the account of the Customer.
Payment by means of promissory notes or acceptances shall only be permitted if expressly agreed in writing and even then shall be valid only on account of payment. Acceptances must be negotiable and eligible for discount. Expenses and fees relating to acceptance of promissory notes shall be borne by the Customer. They are payable immediately. The same applies to cheques.
Payment by. MCA of sums based on revenues of the Theme Park or a significant portion thereof" is intended to encompass "royalty" arrangements or similar arrangements which compensate the "third party" based on net revenues, gross revenues, attendance, or any other standard measuring the economic performance of a particular Universal Theme Park or a significant portion thereof.

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Payment by results and social impact bonds: Outcome-based payment sys- tems in the UK and US.

Condition 7(iv) (Taxation - Payment by another Paying Agent) will apply to the Definitive Notes only.

Payment by some agencies may be made by procurement card and it shall be accepted by the contractor for payment if the contractor accepts that card (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) from other customers.

Payment by the Fund will be made by procuring agency from university funds or only at the request of the Procuring agency and upon approval by the Government of Sindh., and in case of a project will be subject in all respect to the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Do not use to apply – FOR REFERENCE ONLY You can also find out more about Child Disability Payment by going to You and your data Social Security Scotland processes lots of data to do our job.

HEFT was not subject to the Payment by Results clinical coding audit during the reporting period by the Audit Commission (Note: the Audit Commission has now closed and responsibility now lies with NHS Improvement).

Each qualified special depositary will be required to open and maintain or con­ tinue for the account of the Federal Re­ serve Bank of its district, as fiscal agent of the United States, a separate account for deposits to be made hereunder, to be known as the “War Loan Deposit Ac­ count.”§ 203.13 Payment by cr edi t of amounts payable on subscriptions; form of notice.

Payment by the owner can be carried out in lump-sum contract as total amount at time or percentage of total cost after finishing certain amount of work.

The purpose of this research is to explore the consumer’s adoption of Smart Payment by detecting the effect of determining factors on the adoption intention.

Payment by Health Plan to the person or facility providing the services to You or Your Eligible Dependent shall discharge Health Plan's obligations under this Section.

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Payment by wire or bank check to the Majority Shareholder in the amount of $444,500, which combined with the initial payment of $50,000 and a subsequent payment of $5,500 to the Majority Shareholder, represents $500,000 of the total exchange consideration;”
Payment by means of Buyer’s deposit of a cash payment in the Designated Account in such amount(s) and at such time(s) as set forth in Section 2.06(c); and
Payment by whatever means will only be accepted in Sterling (English Pounds). Remittance advices are required, these can be emailed to: 2 Historic Royal Palaces shall be entitled to exclude any Operator from membership of the scheme and reserve the right to refuse admission to the Palaces should the Operator fail to make payment against invoices issued, within 30 days of the invoice date.
Payment by wire or bank check to Paul Johnson in the amount of £159,669.74, which combined with the initial payment of £19,330.26 to Paul Johnson, represents £179,000 of total exchange consideration;”

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Payment Bond means a form of security required to be provided by a Contractor for the protection of claimants supplying labor and/or Commodities to the Contractor or their subcontractors.
Settlement Payment means the transfer, or contractual undertaking (including by automated clearing house transaction) to effect a transfer, of cash or other property to effect a Settlement.
Payment Business Day means a day on which the Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross Settlement Express Transfer System (TARGET2) and the Clearing System settle payments in the Issue Currency.
Co-payment means a cost sharing requirement under a health insurance policy that provides that the policyholder/insured will bear a specified percentage of the admissible claims amount. A co-payment does not reduce the Sum Insured.
Administration Fee means the fee payable to the Administrator pursuant to Section 3 of the Administration Agreement.
Payment means any payment or distribution in the nature of compensation (within the meaning of Section 280G(b)(2) of the Code) to or for the benefit of the Executive, whether paid or payable pursuant to this Agreement or otherwise.
Performance includes performance by means of a disc player, tape machine, other devices for playing musical works, and includes performance by means of a radio and/or television set or diffusion loudspeakers, Whether or not the apparatus is owned by the employer or employee(s).
Compensation Payment means a payment, whether in monetary form or in the form of a benefit or service, by or on behalf of an insurer to a complainant to compensate the complainant for a proven or estimated financial loss incurred as a result of the insurer’s contravention, non-compliance, action, failure to act, or unfair treatment forming the basis of the complaint, where the insurer accepts liability for having caused the loss concerned, but excludes any –
Collection Costs means the costs associated with the collection of liens, including but not limited to staff, mailing costs, billing and rebilling fees.
Settlement Amount means, with respect to a party and any Early Termination Date, the sum of:—