Online Banking Credentials definition

Online Banking Credentials means Username, Online Banking Password, Security Code, security or verification questions and answers, and other codes issued or approved by us that you may use to identify yourself and to use certain aspects or features of Online Banking;

Examples of Online Banking Credentials in a sentence

  • You must use your Online Banking Credentials to access Online Banking.

  • Before you originate an External Transfer, you will be asked to authenticate using Online Banking Credentials and/or complete a test transaction.

  • We are not required to confirm the identity or authority of any person using your Online Banking Credentials to give Instructions.

  • You understand that we may use your Online Banking Credentials in order to pre-populate your personal information for the purpose of completing an online application form on the Website.

  • Subject to section 6 and the extent permitted by applicable law, you are responsible for any losses that result from use of your Online Banking Credentials or your Electronic Device.

  • Subject to section 5, you are responsible for any losses that result from use of your Online Banking Credentials or your Electronic Device.

  • If you give someone your Online Banking Credentials, you are authorizing that person to use the Online Banking in your name, and you are responsible for all transactions the person performs using your Online Banking Credentials.

  • Once the Mobile Banking App is downloaded you will use your Online Banking Credentials to log in.

Related to Online Banking Credentials

  • Online Banking is the internet-based service providing access to your Bank account(s);

  • Mobile Banking Service means the EB Services which we enable you to access via the Mobile Banking App or a web browser designed for use on a Mobile Device; and

  • Subscriber Management System means a system or device which stores the subscriber records and details with respect to name, address and other information regarding the hardware being utilized by the subscriber, channels or bouquets of channels subscribed by the subscriber, price of such channels or bouquets of channels as defined in the system, the activation or deactivation dates and time for any channel or bouquets of channels, a log of all actions performed on a subscriber’s record, invoices raised on each subscriber and the amounts paid or discount allowed to the subscriber for each billing period, and which complies with the requirements as set out under Annexure D of this Agreement;

  • Telephone Banking Service or “TBS” means any banking service operated over the telephone (by whatever name it may be known as) offered by the Bank, in connection with the Service Instructions and includes but is not limited to such services respectively known as Self Service Phone Banking and CitiPhone Banking; and

  • Security Credentials means the personalised security features we require you to use now or in future to

  • Login Credentials means any passwords, authentication keys, or security credentials that enable Customer’s access, management to the Service Offering, or both.

  • Internet Banking means the service we offer by which you can access and transact on a nominated account by using a personal computer and accessing via our website. This includes transactions processed through the mobile banking facility as well as the smartphone app facility.

  • Credentials means the unique log-in identifier entered via the Cloud Portal by which a person could access the Cloud Program.

  • Telephone Banking means banking services available from time to time by telephone;

  • Online Services means Microsoft-hosted services to which Customer subscribes under this Agreement. It does not include software and services provided under separate license terms.

  • Beta Services means Xxxxxx services or functionality that may be made available to Customer to try at its option at no additional charge which is clearly designated as beta, pilot, limited release, developer preview, non-production, evaluation, or by a similar description.

  • Financial Services Provider means any Lender and any other provider of financial services or products;

  • Financial Management Manual means the Financial Management Manual, referred to in paragraph B of Schedule 4 to this Agreement, that sets out the financial and accounting arrangements for Implementing Partners and the Recipient’s entities, in form and substance satisfactory to the Association;

  • Advertising Services means the advertising services selected on the front pages of this Agreement.

  • Mobile Banking means the banking services accessible from the Device you have registered with us for Mobile Banking.

  • Data Services The Customer will receive a discount equal to 25% for the following Data Services: Access: Standard VBS2 Guide local loop charges for DS-1 Access and DS-3 Access Service.

  • Corporate Services Provider means Computershare Trust Company of Canada, a trust company formed under the laws of Canada, as corporate services provider to the Liquidation GP under the Corporate Services Agreement, together with any successor corporate services provider appointed from time to time;

  • Database Management System (DBMS) A system of manual procedures and computer programs used to create, store and update the data required to provide Selective Routing and/or Automatic Location Identification for 911 systems. Day: A calendar day unless otherwise specified. Dedicated Transport: UNE transmission path between one of CenturyLink’s Wire Centers or switches and another of CenturyLink’s Wire Centers or switches within the same LATA and State that are dedicated to a particular customer or carrier. Default: A Party’s violation of any material term or condition of the Agreement, or refusal or failure in any material respect to properly perform its obligations under this Agreement, including the failure to make any undisputed payment when due. A Party shall also be deemed in Default upon such Party’s insolvency or the initiation of bankruptcy or receivership proceedings by or against the Party or the failure to obtain or maintain any certification(s) or authorization(s) from the Commission which are necessary or appropriate for a Party to exchange traffic or order any service, facility or arrangement under this Agreement, or notice from the Party that it has ceased doing business in this State or receipt of publicly available information that signifies the Party is no longer doing business in this State.

  • Database Management System (“DBMS”) is a computer process used to store, sort, manipulate and update the data required to provide Selective Routing and ALI.

  • Telepharmacy means the provision of pharmaceutical care services, including the storage and dispensing of prescription drugs, drug regimen review, and patient counseling, at a remote dispensing site using an automated pharmacy system.

  • Network pharmacy means any pharmacy that has an agreement to accept our pharmacy allowance for prescription drugs and diabetic equipment/supplies covered under this agreement. All other pharmacies are NON-NETWORK PHARMACIES. The one exception and for the purpose of specialty Prescription Drugs, only specialty pharmacies that have an agreement to accept our pharmacy allowance are network pharmacies and all others pharmacies are non-network pharmacies.

  • Telemarketing means any plan, program, or campaign which is conducted to induce the purchase of goods or services by use of one or more telephones, and which involves a telephone call, whether or not covered by the Telemarketing Sales Rule.

  • Project Management The individuals appointed by each Party cf. clause 4.1 in the Agreement.

  • Project Management Report means each report prepared in accordance with Section 4.02 of this Agreement;

  • Customer Services means the call centre for dealing with queries about your Card. You can contact Customer Services by calling 01 693 3333, or contacting us directly.

  • Digital Banking (a) means our present and future online banking services which can be accessed through 365 Online, Business Online, Bank of Ireland Mobile Banking, and services available on; and