OCCP definition

OCCP has the meaning set forth in ‎Section 3.07.
OCCP means the President of the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection;
OCCP has the meaning set forth in the preamble.

Examples of OCCP in a sentence

  • However, changes to the same in the future could impact the companies and the industry they operate in, which may impact the valuation.

  • In accordance with law and in line with good practice, the Management Board of the dominant Company will keep the market informed about any subsequent steps taken as part of the proceedings initiated by the OCCP.

  • On 29 June, 2018, the dominant Company was notified that the Chairman of the OCCP initiated antimonopoly proceedings against Benefit Systems S.A. and against fifteen other undertakings in connection with a suspicion of a scheme that could result in a limitation of the competition on the local or the national market for fitness services or on other relevant markets.

  • Ovarian cancer cell line panel (OCCP): clinical importance of in vitro morphological subtypes.

  • The dominant Company disagrees with the objections raised by the Chairman of OCCP and, on 27 July, 2018, submitted their reply, in which, in addition to taking a detailed stance on specific objections, described a positive role that the Company has been playing on the Polish market for fitness services.

  • Develop and implement standards and procedures for OCCP child care subsidy programs.2242 Office of Foster Care Licensing A.

  • The division is composed of the Office of Foster Care Licensing (OFCL), OCCP, and a unit of investigators charged with investigation of allegations of child abuse and/or neglect in licensed child care homes and facilities.

  • In Poland, the OCCP can only conduct mystery shopping with judicial permission, which will be obtained only if some evidence already indicates that a given trader is breaching consumer protection rules.

  • The Chairman of OCCP noted that due to the complex character of the proceedings and due to the fact that the matter needed to be further examined, the proceedings could not be completed at the present stage.

  • The rule of thumb is that if the OCCP is below 1, the utility would not be able to cover its O&M costs with its revenues.

More Definitions of OCCP

OCCP means the Polish Office for Competition and Consumer Protection (Urząd Ochrony Konkurencji i Konsumenta); 1.22. ,,UOKiK” oznacza polski Urząd Ochrony Konkurencji i Konsumentów;

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