Obstacles definition

Obstacles means any seats, street lights, signs, manhole covers, trees, shrubs and other obstructions within grassed areas and the edges of any paths, walls and fences and other boundaries to grassed areas that may interrupt any grass cutting or other operation.
Obstacles means any structure or item used in the Gaming Area for protection or obstruction of sight lines for purposes of Gaming.

Examples of Obstacles in a sentence

Overcoming Obstacles to Health: Report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to the Commission to Build a Healthier America.

Washington, DC: American Bar Associ- ation Center on Children and the Law (hereinafter Obstacles Project Final Re- port).

In addition to suggesting amendments to the UCCJA and the PKPA, the Obstacles Project Final Report pro- posed an original “Act To Expedite En- forcement of Child Custody Determina- tions.” The purpose of the statute was to alleviate the shortcomings and lack of uni- formity in then-existing procedures for enforcing child-custody and visitation orders that had frustrated many parents trying to exercise their lawful court- ordered rights.

Final Report: Obstacles to the Recovery and Return of Parentally Abducted Children.

The Obstacles Project Final Report was considered by the UCCJEA drafting committee, and numerous recommenda- tions from the report are reflected in the uniform act.

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Obstacles means seats, street lights, signs, manhole covers, trees, shrubs and any other obstruction within grassed areas. Obstacles shall also include edges of paths, wall and fence bases and other boundaries to grassed areas.