North West definition

North West means all that part of the State north of the 26th parallel of latitude and shall be deemed to inglude Shark Bay
North West means The North West Company LP.
North West. South: East: Center line of the Ala Wai Canal High tide line between Ala Wai Canal and Kapahulu Ave. Center line of Kapahulu Ave. between Ala Wai Canal and the Pacific Ocean This Restrictive Area is generally outlined on the map attached to, and incorporated by reference into, this Agreement as Exhibit A. Except as may otherwise be specifically provided in this Subparagraph 2.a., the Restrictive Area is from the shore or side of the street currently closest to the Hotel. If there is a conflict between Exhibit A and this narrative description, this description will control.

Examples of North West in a sentence

  • Payment donated to North West Leicestershire Conservative Association.

  • The contract shall be governed by the applicable provisions of the Mississippi Public Procurement Review Board Office of Personal Service Contract Review Rules and Regulations, a copy of which is available at 501 North West Street, Suite 701E, Jackson, Mississippi 39201 for inspection, or downloadable at

  • Violation of this clause shall lead to rejection of the tender.1.1. The completed tender document in a sealed cover shall be dropped in the box kept in the chamber of Senior Electrical Engineer / M at North West Corner of First floor of main administrative building / Shell / ICF.1.2. The quantities mentioned in the Schedule of rates are tentative and subject to variation.1.3 Tenderer shall indicate their TIN No. & PAN No. with proper documental proof.

  • Reason - In order to minimise the environmental impact of the development pursuant to policies E1.5 and E1.6 in the Unitary Development Plan for the City of Manchester, policies ER13 and DP3 of Regional Planning Guidance for the North West (RPG13) and the principles contained within The Guide to Development in Manchester 2 SPD and Planning Policy Statement 1.

  • Frivolous' in the context of legal proceedings is defined by Lord Justice Bingham in R v North West Suffolk (Mildenhall) Magistrates Court, (1998) Env.

  • Frivolous' in the context of legal proceedings is defined by Lord Justice Bingham in R v North West Suffolk (Mildenhall) Magistrates Court, (1998) Env LR9.

  • Having played a pivotal role in the cultural, educational and economic life of Liverpool and the North West for more than 150 years, our success can be measured in terms of how well we combine this local and regional role with our national and international responsibilities.

  • Procurement Regulations: The contract shall be governed by the applicable provisions of the PPRB OPSCR Rules and Regulations, a copy of which is available at 501 North West Street, Suite 701E, Jackson, Mississippi 39201 for inspection, or downloadable at

  • In 1996 Neilson Cobbold, the Liverpool based firm with offices in the South of England, the North West and Scotland was bought.Today Rathbone Brothers Plc, through its subsidiaries, is an independent provider of investment and wealth management services for private investors, charities and trustees, including discretionary asset management, tax planning, trust and company management, pensions advisory and banking services.

  • Limited for use in the coating of the undersea pipeline to be constructed for the purposes of the agreement defined in section 2 of the North West Gas Development (Woodside) Agreement Act 1979 is authorized and confirmed subject to payment by the Company to the State of royalty on the sale price ex Dampier stockpiles of all iron ore so sold at the rate of seven and one half per centum (7½%).

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North West means the Province of the North West as defined in Schedule 1 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act, 1993 (Act 200 of 1993);

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