Neat cement definition

Neat cement means a mixture of [:
Neat cement means a mixture of one sack (94 pounds) of Portland cement to not more than six gallons of water which is free from contaminants, turbidity or settleable solids. Bentonite up to 2 percent by weight of cement may be added to reduce shrinkage.
Neat cement means a mixture of Portland cement (ASTM C-150 standard) and water in the proportion of 5 to 6 gallons of clean water per bag (94 pounds or one cubic foot).

Examples of Neat cement in a sentence

  • Neat cement grout or any bentonite product manufactured for water well sealing shall be placed for a minimum of 20 feet above this point.

  • Neat cement grout consisting of cement that conforms to AWWA Standard A-100, and water, with not more than six (6) gallons of water per ninety-four (94) pounds of cement, shall be used for one and one-half (1 ½) inch openings.

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  • Neat cement, which is a mixture of cement and water, consisting of not more than 5 gallons of water per sack (94 pounds) of cement, may be used as plugging material in lieu of cement-bentonite slurry.

  • Neat cement grout of honey like consistency shall be spread on mortar bed over as much area that could be covered with slabs within half and hour.

  • Neat cement grout shall consist of a mixture of not more than six gallons of clear, potable water to one 94 pound bag of Portland cement.

  • Neat cement, which is a mixture of cement and water consisting of not more than 5 gallons of water per sack (94 pounds) of cement, may be used in lieu of cement- bentonite slurry.

  • Neat cement or slurry is a mixture consisting of one bag of cement to five to ten gallons of water.

  • Neat cement shall not be used as a drier to facilitate finishing.

  • Neat cement grout shall be ASTM C150, Type I or API−10A, Class A Portland cement and water from a known bac- teriologically safe and uncontaminated source with not more than 6 gallons of water per sack (94 lbs.) of cement.

More Definitions of Neat cement

Neat cement means a mixture of one sack (94 pounds) of portland cement to not more than six gallons of clean water. Bentonite up to 2 percent by weight of cement may be added to reduce shrinkage.
Neat cement means a mixture consisting of one 94-pound bag of Portland cement and five to six gallons of freshwater.

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