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NATURALLY. Canada TMA197419 Registered February 8, 1974
NATURALLY. Canada TMAI97419 Registered Februarys, 1974
NATURALLY this means that the accounting statements of the RM and the RB differ from one-another substantially.

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  • Naturally, higher education institutions (HEIs) have been adopting various information and communication technologies (ICT) in a bid to meet this increased demand for higher education and to improve the quality of education.

  • Characteristics of the Successful Negotiator❖ Naturally seeks the win / win solution which means separating the customer from the problem❖ Seek only the facts, then logic can determine the next steps❖ Aim for a No Blame attitude❖ Develop as many options as possible❖ Recognize the emotional states of yourself and your customer, seek a compromise that is acceptable to all parties PreparationThe first step in the bargaining process is to prepare.

  • Naturally occurring ponds do not include ponds deliberately designed and created from dry sites, such as canals, detention facilities, wastewater treatment facilities, farm ponds, temporary construction ponds, and landscape amenities, unless such artificial ponds were intentionally created for mitigation.

  • Naturally, the FCD reported this success on to its leadership as its own, which created resentment among HV A officers.

  • Naturally, while China is clearly accumulating massive amounts of gold, it would be virtually impossible to keep the entire matter secret which is why there have been a few published articles on China's secretive purchases.

  • Naturally, they are interested in the amount of money reaching circulation because that affects the pace at which the economy can run, consequently determining whether national income rises or falls.However, very few seem to have ever considered the possibility that the particular type of monetary catalyst in use might be affecting the outcome of the economic interaction.

  • Those ponds that are less than 20 acres in size and not regulated as “shorelines of the state.” Naturally occurring ponds are those ponds under 20 acres and their submerged aquatic beds that provide fish or wildlife habitat, including those artificial ponds intentionally created from dry areas in order to mitigate impacts to ponds.

  • Naturally, a large sensing range covers more devices, and hence more people can potentially be identified.

  • Naturally, the proper benchmark of behaviour, in this context, would be private traders that have the same or similar privileges.

  • Naturally, the desirability of offering rewards to witnesses in this model 59 will depend on the values of the parameters.

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NATURALLY as a sentence adverb means "Of course", but when it comes as a verb-modifying adverb then it means in a natural way or manner. This means that the class of the sentential adverbs is a closed class i.e. "(function words): a word class whose membership is fixed or limited, such as the class of determiners, pronouns, prepositions, auxiliary verbs, or conjunctions), whereas the class of adverbs that modify verbs is not. For example:

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  • Airborne radioactivity area means a room, enclosure, or area in which airborne radioactive materials, composed wholly or partly of licensed radioactive material, exist in concentrations:

  • Radioactivity means the transformation of unstable atomic nuclei by the emission of radiation.

  • Airborne radioactive material means any radioactive material dispersed in the air in the form of dusts, fumes, particulates, mists, vapors, or gases.

  • Natural radioactivity means radioactivity of naturally occurring nuclides.

  • Radioactive waste means radioactive material in gaseous, liquid or solid form for which no further use is foreseen or considered by the Member State or by a legal or natural person whose decision is accepted by the Member State, and which is regulated as radioactive waste by a competent regulatory authority under the legislative and regulatory framework of the Member State;

  • Radioactive marker means radioactive material placed subsurface or on a structure intended for subsurface use for the purpose of depth determination or direction orientation.

  • Radioactive material means any solid, liquid, or gas which emits radiation spontaneously.

  • Residual radioactivity means radioactivity in structures, materials, soils, groundwater, and other media at a site resulting from activities under the licensee’s control. This includes radioactivity from all licensed and unlicensed sources used by the licensee, but excludes background radiation. It also includes radioactive materials remaining at the site as a result of routine or accidental releases of radioactive material at the site and previous burials at the site, even if those burials were made in accordance with the provisions of 641—Chapter 40 or any previous state or federal licenses, rules or regulations.

  • Contaminant means any waste, pollutant, hazardous substance, toxic substance, hazardous waste, special waste, petroleum or petroleum-derived substance or waste, asbestos in any form or condition, polychlorinated biphenyls ("PCBs"), or any constituent of any such substance or waste.

  • Environmentally sensitive area means any area in which plant or animal life or their habitats are either rare or especially valuable because of their special nature or role in an ecosystem and which could be easily disturbed or degraded by human activities and developments.