Intervenor definition

Intervenor means any person who, upon written petition, is permitted to intervene in a specific proceeding before the board.
Intervenor means a party who voluntarily interposes in a proceeding with the approval of the board or administrative law judge.
Intervenor means a person, not originally a party to an adjudicatory proceeding, who voluntarily participates as a party in the proceeding with the leave of the Board. (See Section 101.402 of this Part.)

Examples of Intervenor in a sentence

  • Defendant Fauntleroy Place acknowledges that it is currently in default under the23 Note and Amended Note and that Intervenor Plaintiff 3922 SW Alaska is entitled to immediately24 proceed with the present action.

  • No oral evidence was adduced at the hearing except for a few questions asked by the representative of the Intervenor, FLOQ, of one of the athletes, Brent Beauparlant.

  • In his decision, the Co-Chief Arbitrator also granted the COC Intervenor status.

  • On or about June 30, 2009, Intervenor Plaintiff 3922 SW Alaska entered into a15 Loan Purchase and Sale Agreement with Seattle Capital Corporation in which it purchased the16 Note, Amended Note, Deed of Trust, and Amended Deed of Trust.17 26.

  • On or about July 14, 2003, the Intervenor FLOQ, through its president, Ian Grant, wrote to Mike Payette, the National Programme Director of CAWA, to complain about the decision made by CAWA on or about June 18, 2003 regarding the 96kg World and Pan American Team selection process and requested a wrestle-off between the Applicant and Randeep Sodhi to determine which of the two athletes should be Canada’s representative at the Pan American Games and the Senior World Championships.

More Definitions of Intervenor

Intervenor means any person or entity, other than:
Intervenor means a person permitted to intervene in an adjudicative proceeding before the department.
Intervenor means “intervenor” as defined in section 4-166 of the Connecticut General Statutes;
Intervenor means a person who is allowed to voluntarily enter into the proceedings with leave of the hearing officer.
Intervenor means a person or agency permitted to voluntarily enter an appeal as a party.
Intervenor means any party of record who is not an applicant or named respondent.
Intervenor means a person without the status of a party but participating in an adjudicativeproceeding to the extent permitted by the presiding officer acting pursuant to RSA 541-A:32.