Interpreter definition

Interpreter means a Certified Sign Language Interpreter who has demonstrated, through performance and knowledge tests established by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) or the National Association of the Deaf (NAD), his/her ability to meet the minimum standards to both expressively and receptively Interpret effectively, accurately, and impartially using any necessary specialized vocabulary.
Interpreter. See definition under “Certified Interpreter.”

Examples of Interpreter in a sentence

  • The Configuration of Server page contains the following fields: FieldDescriptionNotifier HostEnter the name of a CIC server.Notifier User IDEnter the user name of the Customer Interaction Center user account that the VoiceXML Interpreter Server will use to log on to the CIC server.Notifier PasswordEnter the password for the user name specified above.Accept SessionsThis field is set to Yes by default.

  • Interpreter – A program that translates the English – like statements of a high – level language in to the machine language of a computer.

  • Configuring the VoiceXML Interpreter Server You'll use the Configuration page to configure the VoiceXML Interpreter Server.

  • About On the About tab of the Status page, you'll find the name of the VoiceXML Interpreter Server, the file version, and the IP address of the system you are using to access the Web Configuration interface.

  • Enhanced the community college partnership with Eastern Iowa Community College District to include a degree completion option for students enrolled in the Associate in Applied Science in Interpreter Training through the BGS degree program.

More Definitions of Interpreter

Interpreter means a person who may through sign language, manual spelling or orally, through lip reading, as required, translate and communicate between a principal party in interest and other parties.
Interpreter means a person trained to translate orally or in sign language in matters pertaining
Interpreter means a person fluent in English and in the necessary second language, who can accurately speak, read, and readily interpret the necessary second language, or a person who can accurately sign and read sign language. Interpreters shall have the ability to translate the names of body parts and to describe competently symptoms and injuries in both languages. Interpreters may include members of the medical or professional staff.
Interpreter means a person appointed as such.
Interpreter means an adult who has the ability to render a complete and accurate interpretation or sight translation, without altering, omitting, or adding anything to what is stated or written and without explanation.
Interpreter means a person who speaks English and another language fluently or signs American Sign Language fluently. Fluency includes an understanding of nonverbal and cultural patterns necessary to communicate effectively. An interpreter enables clients and medical/health care providers to communicate effectively with each other.