Insurance Advisor definition

Insurance Advisor means Aon Risk Services and any replacement thereof appointed by the Required Secured Parties and, if no Event of Default shall then be occurring, after consultation with the Borrower.
Insurance Advisor means Xxxxxx Group or another independent insurance advisor to the Pari Passu Collateral Agent who is reasonably satisfactory to the Company and who is not the Company’s independent marine insurance broker.

Examples of Insurance Advisor in a sentence

  • Airline Reservations, Personality Development, Store &Warehouse Maintenance, and Insurance Advisor Courses.

More Definitions of Insurance Advisor

Insurance Advisor means Bankserve Insurance Services Ltd of Xxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx XX0X 0XX or any other reputable insurance consultant familiar with the market with experience of assets of the same type as the Vessel, appointed by the Co-ordination and Structuring Bank and/or the Facility Agent on behalf of the Lenders, with the approval of the Borrower (such approval not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed and, to the extent that the Borrower has not responded to the Facility Agent within 5 Business Days of its request, such approval shall be deemed to have been given) to review the Insurances, the Finance Documents and, if necessary, the Reinsurances and to report to the Finance Parties whether such Insurances and Reinsurances are in full force and effect and in accordance with the requirements under the Project Agreements and in line with industry and Lenders’ expectations for a project of this nature.
Insurance Advisor. The insurance advisor or expert appointed by DOE.
Insurance Advisor means Xxxxx USA Inc., or its successor, appointed pursuant to the Disbursement Agreement.