Institution definition

Institution means any hospital or other facility maintained by a party state or political subdivision thereof for the care and treatment of mental illness or mental deficiency.
Institution means a facility, operating within the scope of its license, whose purpose is to provide organized health care and treatment to individuals, such as a Hospital, Ambulatory Surgical Center, Psychiatric Hospital, community mental health center, residential treatment facility, psychiatric treatment facility, Substance Abuse Treatment Center, alternative birthing center, Home Health Care Center, or any other such facility that the Plan approves.
Institution means the University or College within CSCU.

Examples of Institution in a sentence

Institution of higher education," as used in this provision, is defined in the clause at 252.209-7005, Reserve officer Training Corps and Military Recruiting on Campus.

I accept that the Procurement Authority / Institution has the right to request that the local content be verified in terms of the requirements of SATS 1286:2011.

An announcement of a possible Bid is intended to preserve the integrity of trading in a Reporting Entity’s Shares on the Authorised Market Institution, or any other exchange upon which that entity's Shares are traded, preceding or during negotiations which may lead to an announcement of a firm intention to make a Bid.

This includes, but is not limited to: (a) payments received directly from non-custodial parents; (b) collections received through the IRS' full collection process; (c) collections received as a result of the administrative offset process; and (d) collections received through the Financial Institution Data Match.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Administrative Agent shall not (x) be obligated to ascertain, monitor or inquire as to whether any Lender or Participant or prospective Lender or Participant is a Disqualified Institution or (y) have any liability with respect to or arising out of any assignment or participation of Loans or Commitments, or disclosure of confidential information, to any Disqualified Institution.

More Definitions of Institution

Institution means a corporation, a joint-stock company, an association, a trust, a business partnership, a business joint venture or similar entity.
Institution means an entity defined by KRS 164.001(12) if the type of institution is not expressly stated and includes the Kentucky Virtual University, the Council on Postsecondary Education, and the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority.
Institution means a private or public hospital or any other facility providing medical diagnosis, treatment or care.
Institution means a juvenile facility established pursuant to chapters 72.05 and 72.16 through 72.20 RCW;
Institution means any public or private entity or agency (including federal, state, and other agencies).
Institution means an establishment that furnishes (in single or multiple facilities) food, shel- ter, and some treatment or services to four or more persons unrelated to the proprietor. Foster care facil- ities are included.
Institution means any penal or correctional facility, including but not limited to a facility for the mentally ill or mentally defective, in which inmates as defined in (d) above may lawfully be confined.