Initial Notice definition

Initial Notice shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7.1.
Initial Notice shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.2.
Initial Notice has the meaning set forth in Section 11.1(b).

Examples of Initial Notice in a sentence

  • Subject to Section 3(b), Section 3(d) and Section 4, Game shall include in such Registration Statement such Registrable Securities for which it has received written requests to register from FaZe Media within five (5) days after the Initial Notice has been given.

  • In the event such disagreement cannot be resolved by the Parties hereto within sixty (60) days of the receiving Party’s receipt of the Initial Notice, the Parties agree to submit such disagreement to nonbinding mediation before a single mediator mutually agreed upon by the Parties who has had at least ten (10) years’ relevant experience in the commercial real estate industry.

  • Subject to Section 9.3 (Preliminary, Provisional, Injunctive Judicial Relief), if Parties are unable to resolve the Conflict, the Party raising the Conflict shall provide written notice thereof to the other Party (the “Initial Notice”), and within [***] days of the delivery of the Initial Notice, the Conflict shall be submitted to the Strategic Operating Committee to negotiate a resolution of the Conflict.

  • When it first becomes effective under the Securities Act, the General Resale Registration Statement will cover resales of Registrable Securities of Notice Holders identified in all Notice and Questionnaires delivered to the Borrower on or before the Initial Notice and Questionnaire Deadline Date.

  • The Initial Notice shall offer FaZe Media the right, subject to Section 3(b) and Section 3(d) to register (such registration, a “Piggyback Registration”) such number of shares of Registrable Securities as FaZe Media may request and shall set forth (A) the anticipated effective date of such Registration Statement and (B) the aggregate number of Registrable Securities that is proposed to be included in such Registration Statement.

More Definitions of Initial Notice

Initial Notice has the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 4(a).
Initial Notice has the meaning set forth in Section 5.01(b).
Initial Notice shall have the meaning given such term in Exhibit G hereof.
Initial Notice means a notice submitted to the Registry in the prescribed registry notice form to achieve the third-party effectiveness of the security right to which the notice relates;
Initial Notice means a notice delivered by Borrower to the Investors under Section 14.1.3 of the Operating Agreement with respect to the treatment of Borrower’s assets as Plan Assets.
Initial Notice means the notice served under Paragraph 2.1 of this Schedule 4;
Initial Notice is defined in Section 20.1.