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  • Inflation tax, which is a hidden tax, results in a redistribution of resources away from the public and towards the government (but without any net change in the economy as a whole).

  • Inflation tax is calculated as the inflation rate times the real stock of money base.

  • Poleg tega so pogosto oškodovanci, zlasti osebe z ovirami, odvisne od obdolžencev oziroma storilcev, kar jim preprečuje, da bi jih prijavili ali pa nato zaradi pomanjkanja podpore pride do opustitve prijav.

  • Inflation tax is not obviously legislated and it is also the most regressive in that it hurts the poor most, since they have no way of hedging against inflation.

  • Inflation rate, used to measure Inflation tax is measured on GDP deflator, because it is the government who benefits from inflation tax.

  • The data scientists can monitor their own pipelines and evaluate their own models.

  • Inflation tax Laffer curve If the Patinkin effect has the greater impact, i.e.D ( )0 , then the budget deficit curve will) dP .D( ) dE (1have a negative slope.

  • Inflation tax and lack of credit for the private sector are some examples of failure to undertake such reforms.

  • Water production is recorded monthly by the City of Santa Monica and reported annually to the California Department of Water Resources.14 b.

  • This feedback has various channels and in general it is unclear whether inflation acts as a “stabilizer” or a “destabilzer” of public finance.• Inflation tax Laffer curve.

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  • Non-Income Tax means any Tax other than an Income Tax.

  • Income Tax Expense means for Borrower and its Subsidiaries, on a consolidated basis for any period, all state and federal franchise or income taxes paid or due to be paid during such period.

  • foreign tax means any Foreign Income Taxes or Foreign Other Taxes.

  • Production Tax Credit or “PTC” means the tax credit for electricity produced from certain renewable generation resources described in Section 45 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as it may be amended or supplemented from time to time.

  • Transaction Taxes has the meaning set forth in Section 6.01.

  • Income Tax means any federal, state, local or foreign Tax (a) based upon, measured by or calculated with respect to net income, profits or receipts (including, without limitation, capital gains Taxes and minimum Taxes) or (b) based upon, measured by or calculated with respect to multiple bases (including, without limitation, corporate franchise taxes) if one or more of the bases on which such Tax may be based, measured by or calculated with respect to, is described in clause (a), in each case together with any interest, penalties, or additions to such Tax.

  • non-taxable territory means the territory which is outside the taxable territory;

  • Foreign taxes means value-added taxes and custom duties assessed by a foreign government on a commodity. It does not include foreign sales taxes.

  • council tax benefit means council tax benefit under Part 7 of the SSCBA; “couple” has the meaning given by paragraph 4;

  • Distribution Taxes means any Taxes incurred solely as a result of the failure of the Intended Tax Treatment of the Restructuring, the Contribution or the Distribution.

  • Transaction Tax Deductions means any Tax deductions relating to (i) any pay down or satisfaction of Company Indebtedness or other Indebtedness, (ii) the payment or incurrence of any Transaction Expenses or Transaction Bonus Payments and (iii) any other deductible payments attributable to the Contemplated Transactions economically borne by the Seller. For this purpose, any success-based fees shall be treated as deductible in accordance with Rev. Proc. 2011-29.

  • input tax , in relation to a vendor, means—

  • Income Taxes means any taxes measured, in whole or in part, by net or gross income or profits together with any interest, penalties or additions to tax.

  • Pre-Tax Income means income, as determined by GAAP, prior to deduction of the Bonus Pool (as hereinafter defined) and income taxes, and if applicable, after the deduction of any bonus pool of a future officer bonus plan adopted by the Company relating to an applicable Award Year and adjustments approved by the Board as described herein.

  • Non-Income Taxes means any Taxes other than Income Taxes.

  • Net Tax Benefit has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1(b) of this Agreement.

  • Non-Income Tax Return means any Tax Return relating to any Tax other than an Income Tax.

  • Actual Tax Liability means, with respect to any Taxable Year, the liability for Covered Taxes of the Corporation (a) appearing on Tax Returns of the Corporation for such Taxable Year and (b) if applicable, determined in accordance with a Determination (including interest imposed in respect thereof under applicable law).

  • Hypothetical Tax Liability means, with respect to any Taxable Year, the liability for Taxes of the Corporation (or the Partnerships, but only with respect to Taxes imposed on the Partnerships and allocable to the Corporation) using the same methods, elections, conventions and similar practices used on the relevant Corporation Return but using the Non-Stepped Up Tax Basis instead of the tax basis reflecting the Basis Adjustments of the Adjusted Assets and excluding any deduction attributable to Imputed Interest.

  • Foreign Income Tax means any Tax imposed by any foreign country or any possession of the United States, or by any political subdivision of any foreign country or United States possession, which is an income tax as defined in Treasury Regulation Section 1.901-2, and any interest, penalties, additions to tax, or additional amounts in respect of the foregoing.

  • Pre-Tax Earnings means the Corporation's earnings before income taxes as reported in the Company's Consolidated Income Statement for each fiscal year of the Performance Period, excluding any non-cash charge incurred in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America (GAAP) for any restricted stock or restricted stock unit awards granted during the Performance Period and all options, restricted stock and other equity compensation granted to Directors during the Performance Period.

  • MUNICIPAL TAXABLE INCOME means the following:

  • Canadian Taxes has the meaning specified in Section 1005.

  • Consolidated Income Tax Expense means, for any period, all provisions for taxes based on the gross or net income of Borrower (including, without limitation, any additions to such taxes, and any penalties and interest with respect thereto), and all franchise taxes of Borrower, as determined on a Consolidated basis and in accordance with GAAP.

  • Adjusted Net Income ’ means net income adjusted for non-cash expenses (income) such as amortization of intangible assets, deferred income taxes, the TSS membership liability revaluation charge, and certain other expenses (income), and excludes the portion of the adjusted net income of Total Specific Solutions (TSS) B.V. (“TSS”) attributable to the minority owners of TSS (see “Capital Resources and Commitments” section). The Company believes that Adjusted net income is useful supplemental information as it provides an indication of the results generated by the Company’s main business activities prior to taking into consideration amortization of intangible assets, deferred income taxes, the TSS membership liability revaluation charge, and certain other non- cash expenses (income) incurred or recognized by the Company from time to time, and adjusts for the portion of TSS’ Adjusted net income not attributable to shareholders of Constellation. ‘‘Adjusted net income margin’’ refers to the percentage that Adjusted net income for any period represents as a portion of total revenue for that period.

  • State Income Tax means any Tax imposed by any State of the United States (or by any political subdivision of any such State) or the District of Columbia, or any city or municipality located therein, which is imposed on or measured by net income, including state and local franchise or similar Taxes measured by net income, and any interest, penalties, additions to tax, or additional amounts in respect of the foregoing.