In danger of foreclosure definition

In danger of foreclosure means any of the following:
In danger of foreclosure means any of the follow-

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  • Foreclosure means the process by which a property, placed as security for a real estate loan, is sold at auction to satisfy the debt if the trustor (borrower) defaults.

  • Certificate of Formation means the Certificate of Formation of the Company filed with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware as referenced in Section 2.1, as such Certificate of Formation may be amended, supplemented or restated from time to time.

  • Event of Force Majeure means one of the following events:

  • Delaware Act means the Delaware Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act, 6 Del C. Section 17-101, et seq., as amended, supplemented or restated from time to time, and any successor to such statute.

  • Receivership court means the court in the insolvent or impaired insurer's state having jurisdiction over the conservation, rehabilitation, or liquidation of the member insurer.

  • the 1961 Act means the Land Compensation Act 1961(d); “the 1965 Act” means the Compulsory Purchase Act 1965(e); “the 1980 Act” means the Highways Act 1980(f);

  • Public nuisance means a building that is a menace to the public health, welfare, or safety, or that is structurally unsafe, unsanitary, or not provided with adequate safe egress, or that constitutes a fire hazard, or is otherwise dangerous to human life, or that in relation to the existing use constitutes a hazard to the public health, welfare, or safety by reason of inadequate maintenance, dilapidation, obsolescence, or abandonment. “Public nuisance” includes buildings with blighting characteristics as defined by Iowa Code section 403.2.

  • Deed means a quitclaim deed(s) substantially in the form set out in the attached Exhibit C.

  • Final Decision means a final action of the commission determining the legal rights, duties, or privileges of any person. “Final decision” does not include preliminary, procedural, or intermediate actions by the commission, actions regulating the internal administration of the commission, or actions of the commission to enter into or refrain from entering into contracts or agreements with vendors to provide goods or services to the commission.