Member Institution definition

Member Institution means a university that is a member of CUSC/CCREU.
Member Institution means an institution which-
Member Institution means an institution which:

Examples of Member Institution in a sentence

  • Authorized Users also include non-affiliated individuals (walk-in users) while they are physically on the premises of a Member Institution.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, neither recovery of direct costs by the Member Institution from Authorized Users, nor use of the Licensed Materials by the Member Institution or by an Authorized User in the course of research funded by a commercial organization, is deemed to be Commercial Use.

  • Electronic Reserves Electronic copies of Licensed Materials (e.g. book chapters, journal articles, abstracts) made and stored on the Secure Network pursuant to Section 3.8 by Member Institution for use by Authorized Users in connection with specific courses of instruction offered by Member Institutions to such Authorized Users.

  • Subscription to Licensed Materials includes Public Performance Rights for private, educational and research purposes on the premise and indoors of the participating Member Institution.

  • Providing that full payment of the total purchase price is made, per Section 2, a Member Institution retains the right to perpetual access to the digital version of the purchased eBooks on the Licensor’s server.

More Definitions of Member Institution

Member Institution and “Member” mean a university which is a member of CUSC- CCREU.
Member Institution means a banking institution, a building society and a branch of a foreign bank that is a member of the Scheme;
Member Institution means an institution which- (a) is not a bank; and (b) is approved by MAS pursuant to section 29A of the Monetary Authority of Singapore Act to participate in MEPS+;
Member Institution means the University of Nevada, Reno; the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; the Desert Research Institute; the Nevada State College, Henderson; the College of Southern Nevada; the Great Basin College; the Truckee Meadows Community College; or the Western Nevada College.
Member Institution means a credit institution, as defined in point (1) of Article 4(1) of Regulation (EU) No 575/20139, affiliated to a particular DGS;
Member Institution means a credit institution affiliated to a DGS.