Aquatic invasive species definition

Aquatic invasive species means any invasive, prohibited,
Aquatic invasive species means any invasive, prohibited, regulated, unregulated, or unlisted aquatic animal or plant species as defined under subsections (3), (28), (40), (44), (58), and (59) of this section, aquatic noxious weeds as defined under RCW 17.26.020(5)(c), and aquatic nuisance species as defined under RCW 77.60.130(1).
Aquatic invasive species means an aquatic species which

Examples of Aquatic invasive species in a sentence

  • Aquatic invasive species remain an ecological, social and economic challenge for communities everywhere.

  • Aquatic invasive species are a high threat to the Lake Superior ecosystem, due to the persistence of established invaders, expanding ranges, and the threat of new invaders.

  • The fact that other parts of the ship are not addressed in the ballast water regime has been noted in meetings related to the CBD and concern was expressed at the time about a piecemeal, gap-filling approach to dealing with related issues.68 14.4. The Canadian Regulatory Response As pointed out in the 2005 Canadian Action Plan to Address the Threat of Aquatic Invasive Species:69 Aquatic invasive species (AIS) have been entering Canadian waters for centuries but never as rapidly as today.

  • AMENDATORY SECTION (Amending WSR 18-06-006,filed 2/22/18, effective 3/25/18)WAC 220-640-020 ((Reserved—Deleterious exotic wildlife.)) Aquatic invasive species classification.

  • Kartz (1959) notes that‘The initiative in linking need gratification with the media choice lies largely with the audience member.

More Definitions of Aquatic invasive species

Aquatic invasive species means any invasive species that dwells in water or wetlands.
Aquatic invasive species means an aquatic species which is exotic or not native to this State and which the Commission has determined to be detrimental to aquatic life, water resources or infrastructure for providing water in this State.
Aquatic invasive species means a nonnative wildlife or plant species that has been determined by the department to pose a significant threat to the aquatic resources or water infrastructure of the state.
Aquatic invasive species means any aquatic species of wildlife or any freshwater or marine invertebrate, as specified by the State Fish and Wildlife Commission by rule, or any aquatic noxious weeds as specified by the State Department of Agriculture by rule.
Aquatic invasive species means nonnative aquatic organisms that invade water beyond their natural and historic range.
Aquatic invasive species means an invasive species of the
Aquatic invasive species means non−indigenous water or wetland−dwelling organisms or their hybrids whose introduc- tion into aquatic ecosystems causes or is likely to cause adverse economic, recreational or environmental impacts or harm to human health.