Foreign substance definition

Foreign substance means any element or combination of elements in excess of that naturally occurring in the groundwater, including re-used or re-claimed water and tailwater, and may also include instances where open-ditch water is treated when a pump discharge pipe is submerged in the ditch.
Foreign substance means any drug, medicine, or any other substance uncommon to the greyhound’s body which can or may affect the racing condition of a greyhound or which can or may affect sampling or testing procedures.
Foreign substance means any substance not in the subject's body when a 20- minute observation period is commenced, excluding a substance introduced due to normal breathing.

Examples of Foreign substance in a sentence

  • Chapter three analyses in detail the structuring of Jewish images of the enemy; on this very basis, chapter four discusses the performative aspects of violence against the Jewish minority in the aforementioned two waves of violence.

  • Does giving rate discounts to returningthe summer, for an average of 139 members.

  • Corporal punishment means punishm t inflicted directly on the body including, but not limited: * Shaking, slapping, twisting, or squeezing; * * demang excessive physical exercise, excessive rest or strenuous or Bizarre postures; and compe a child to eat or have in his/her mouth soap, food, spices or Foreign substance.

  • Foreign substance that degrades water quality to impair usefulness of the water.

  • Meaning, “in the place of a parent,” this doctrine is understood to bestow upon teachers the assumption of the qualities of a parent; supportive, protective and disciplinary roles (Stuart, 2009).

  • Foreign substance may enter into the product and there could be a risk of personal injury.

  • Foreign substance content and level of contamination in the milled wheat batch are very important in achieving good quality in flour.

  • Teachers’ perception of teaching as correlates of students’ academic performance in Oyo state, Nigeria.

  • Number of years’ experience in providing this type of product/service: years.

  • In addition to being ejected from the premises of a Metro transfer station, any person engaging in egregious conduct or repeated prohibited conduct may also be excluded from the premises for up to one year.

More Definitions of Foreign substance

Foreign substance means any drug, medicine, or any other substance foreign to the greyhound’s body, which does or could affect the racing condition of a greyhound, or which does or could affect sampling or testing procedures. Foreign substances include but are not limited to stimulants, depres- sants, local anesthetics, narcotics, and analgesics.
Foreign substance means dirt gravel sand stalks stones insects and insect refuse and any other foreign matter (whether organic or inorganic) on or in dried fruits.
Foreign substance means a substance such as a gas, liquid or solid including a chemical, waste product, steam, water from any Auxiliary Water Supply (Drinking Water or otherwise), or any other substance that may cause Contamination of the Drinking Water contained within a Drinking Water System.
Foreign substance means any non-tobacco substance mixed into the raw material in the course or growing or processing, or into the finished product, that can be isolated by simple physical methods;
Foreign substance means materials not commonly found in the human mouth; it does not include dental appliances, dental adhesives, orthodontics or orthotics.

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  • Foreign Subsidiary means any Subsidiary that is not a Domestic Subsidiary.

  • Foreign Subsidiary Borrower means each Borrower that is a Foreign Subsidiary.

  • Controlled substances means a substance, including a drug and an immediate precursor listed in Schedules I through V of Subchapter A of the Texas Controlled Substances Act, Tex. Rev. Civ. Stat. Ann. Articles

  • Controlled substance means a controlled substance in schedules I through V of Section 202 of the Controlled Substances Act (2l U.S.C. 8l2) and as further defined in regulation at 2l CFR l308.ll-l308.l5.