Educational liaison definition

Educational liaison means a person who has been appointed
Educational liaison means a person who has been appointed by the court to fulfill responsibilities outlined in RCW 13.34.046.

Examples of Educational liaison in a sentence

  • Contractor will provide an Educational liaison, an employee of San Mateo County Office of Education.

  • Educational liaison staff are responsible for coordinating the educational needs of a child between the facility and public/private school and in obtaining public or private educational services for a child.

  • Educational liaison to young innovators in Pittsburgh OVERVIEWOne goal of the Center for Commercial Applications of Healthcare Data is developing an educational platform for innovation.

  • Educational liaison to interact with the child/youth’s educational needs and individualized educational plan.

  • He has offered to have a call with them to assist with their decision making and to help to review what land, in principle, Harworth could transfer by seeing the extent of our ownership on a screen with an aerial image6078.

  • It has already been reported that 1H-NMR of ester linkage of block copolymers of dimethyl 5-hydroxyisophthalate with polyethylene glycol (PEG) appeared at δ 4.5 (20).

  • Currently, the Archdiocese consults on the expectations of the chaplaincy teams with Senior staffs in all boards through Archdiocesan Educational liaison Dan Smith or directly through Bishop John A.

  • Educational liaison: On-site administrator from Jefferson County Schools provides access to educational history of youths referred or transported and other services, such as linking youths to alternative educational opportunities.

Related to Educational liaison

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  • Education means planned and organized activity by a consultant to impart information to employers and employees to enable them to establish and maintain employment and a place of employment that are safe and healthful.

  • Nonprofessional services means any services not specifically identified as professional services in

  • Urban Coordinating Council Empowerment Neighborhood means a neighborhood given priority access to State resources through the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority.

  • Training program means an NCA-approved Iowa college, the Iowa law enforcement academy or an Iowa hospital approved by the department to conduct emergency medical care training.

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