Drop Size definition

Drop Size means the volume of Unit of all Products in a single delivery to a Restaurant.

Examples of Drop Size in a sentence

  • Participant shall receive an on-invoice Drop Size Discount/Surcharge, based upon the total number of cases delivered, during each regularly scheduled delivery.

  • The Drop Size surcharge will be shown as a separate line item on each invoice.

  • Effective after (10/01/05), in the event that the average order size for any thirty-day (30) period falls below the Agreed Average Drop Size, PFG Florida will give notice to Xxxxxxxxxxx X.

  • ARAMARK has the right to review and verify the source of the data as well as the methodology used to determine the * used in the calculation of the Drop Size Incentive.

  • The Pro Forma Incentive will then be multiplied by a fraction, the numerator of which is the number of days in the term of this Agreement and the denominator of which is three hundred sixty-five (365), to determine the final Drop Size Incentive payable for such period.

  • Xxxx, VP of Purchasing, and he will cause such average order size to equal or exceed the Agreed Average Drop Size.

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