Disclaim definition

Disclaim means to refuse to accept an interest in or power over property, including an interest or power the person is entitled to:
Disclaim means to refuse to accept an interest

Examples of Disclaim in a sentence

  • Disclaim a power granted by a document, statute, or rule of law that, in the sole discretion of the personal representative, may cause the personal representative to incur personal liability under an environmental law.

  • The Company classifies its financial liabilities in the following categories: FVTPL and other financial liabilities.

  • Disclaim a power granted by a document, statute, or rule of law that, in the sole discretion of the trustee, may cause the trustee to incur personal liability under an environmental law.

  • Disclaim the determinations of the soil evaluation, and provide an explanation for not accepting it.

  • Disclaim property, including a power of appointment; and[PL 2019, c.

  • Disclaim a gift or devise of property to or for the benefit of the principal.

  • Disclaim any interest which might otherwise be transferred or distributed to me from any other person, estate, trust, or other entity, as may be appropriate.

  • Disclaim in writing further interest and ownership in the property, and retain the amount approved for payment.

  • A motor vehicle repair facility that is subject to this act, or a person that is an owner or operator of a motor vehicle repair facility that is subject to this act, shall not, directly or through an agent or employee, do any of the following: (a) Disclaim or limit the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for use, unless excluded or modified under section 2316 of the uniform commercial code, 1962 PA 174, MCL 440.2316.

  • Summary of meeting schedule targets for the projects listed above.

Related to Disclaim

  • Warranties - means collectively any and all warranties (if any) given by the Bidder in terms of this agreement.

  • Warranty means Borrower’s guarantee to Buyer that the Items will function as intended during the warranty period set forth in the applicable Export Order.

  • Exculpated Parties shall have the meaning set forth in Section 13.1 hereof.

  • Representations means the written Representations and Warranties provided by Borrower to Silicon referred to in the Schedule.

  • Exculpated Party means, collectively, and in each case in its capacity as such: (a) each of the Debtors; (b) each of the Reorganized Debtors; (c) any statutory committees appointed in the Chapter 11 Cases and each of their respective members; (d) the DIP Lender; (e) the Prepetition Administrative Agent; (f) the Consenting Lender; (g) the Exit Facility Agent, if applicable; and (h) with respect to each of the foregoing in clauses (a) through (g), such Entity and its current and former Affiliates, and such Entities’ and their current and former Affiliates’ current and former subsidiaries, officers, directors, managers, principals, members, employees, agents, advisory board members, financial advisors, partners, attorneys, accountants, investment bankers, consultants, representatives, and other professionals, each in their capacity as such.

  • Express warranty means any material statement, affirmation of fact, promise or description relating to a product or service warranting that it conforms to such material statement, affirmation, promise or description and includes any sample or model of a product warranting that the whole of such product conforms to such sample or model;

  • Warranty Rights means the Warranty Rights as described in Schedule I to the Participation Agreement.

  • Disclaimer means the refusal to accept an interest in or power over property.

  • Limited Warranty means the limited warranties and your coverage provided by IKO for your Shingles as expressly set out in this document, and are the only warranties being provided by IKO.

  • Representation means any representation as to fact or law, including a representation as to the state of mind of—

  • and a Financial Size Category" of at least "X" or, if such ratings are not then in effect, the equivalent thereof or such other financial rating as Landlord may at any time consider appropriate.

  • BRRD Liability means a liability in respect of which the relevant Write Down and Conversion Powers in the applicable Bail-in Legislation may be exercised.

  • Product Liability means liability for damages because of personal injury, death, emotional harm, consequential economic damage, or property damage, including damages resulting from the loss of use of property, arising out of the manufacture, design, importation, distribution, packaging, labeling, lease, or sale of a product, but does not include the liability of a person for those damages if the product involved was in the possession of the person when the incident giving rise to the claim occurred.

  • Liability means any liability (whether known or unknown, whether asserted or unasserted, whether absolute or contingent, whether accrued or unaccrued, whether liquidated or unliquidated, and whether due or to become due), including any liability for Taxes.

  • Products Liability means:Your legal liability in respect of Personal Injury and/or Property Damage caused by or arising out of any Products or the reliance upon a representation or warranty made at any time with respect to such products; but only where such Personal Injury and/or Property Damage occurs away from premises owned or leased by or rented to You and after physical possession of such products has been relinquished to others.

  • Responsibility means a duty for which a person is accountable by virtue of licensure.

  • and Gentlemen We are acting as special counsel with respect to New York tax matters for the unit investment trust or trusts included in the series identified as FT 2821 (each, a "Trust"), which will be established under a certain Standard Terms and Conditions of Trust dated December 9, 2003, and a related Trust Agreement dated as of today (collectively, the "Indenture") among First Trust Portfolios L.P., as Depositor (the "Depositor"), First Trust Advisors L.P., as Evaluator, First Trust Advisors L.P., as Portfolio Supervisor, FTP Services LLC, as FTPS Unit Servicing Agent, and The Bank of New York Mellon as Trustee (the "Trustee"). Pursuant to the terms of the Indenture, units of fractional undivided interest in the Trust (the "Units") will be issued in the aggregate number set forth in the Indenture. We have examined and are familiar with originals or certified copies, or copies otherwise identified to our satisfaction, of such documents as we have deemed necessary or appropriate for the purpose of this opinion. In giving this opinion, we have relied upon the two opinions, each dated today and addressed to the Trustee, of Chapman and Cutler XXX, xounsex xxx the Depositor, with respect to the factual assumptions and the matters of law set forth therein. We have assumed that the assets of the Trust will consist exclusively of debt securities, equity securities in entities classified as corporations for federal income tax purposes, or a combination thereof. Based upon the foregoing, we are of the opinion that the Trust will not constitute an association taxable as a corporation under the relevant tax laws of the State and City of New York, and accordingly will not be subject to the New York State franchise tax (New York State Consolidated Laws Chapter 60, Article 9-A) or the New York City general corporation tax (New York Administrative Code Title 11, Chapter 6, Subchapter 2). We consent to the filing of this opinion as an exhibit to the Registration Statement (No. 333-171916) filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission with respect to the registration of the sale of the Units and to the references to our name in such Registration Statement and the preliminary prospectus included therein. Very truly yours, CARTER LEDYARD & MXXXXXX XXX

  • Related Liability with respect to any Asset means any liability existing and reflected on the Accounting Records of the Failed Bank as of Bank Closing for (i) indebtedness secured by mortgages, deeds of trust, chattel mortgages, security interests or other liens on or affecting such Asset, (ii) ad valorem taxes applicable to such Asset, and (iii) any other obligation determined by the Receiver to be directly related to such Asset.

  • Purchaser Warranties the representations, warranties and undertakings made by the Purchaser and contained in Clause 6 and Schedule 3;

  • Limit of Liability means, with respect to any Insuring Agreement, the limit of liability of the Underwriter for any Single Loss covered by such Insuring Agreement as set forth under the heading “Limit of Liability” in Item 3 of the Declarations or in any Rider for such Insuring Agreement.

  • Contractor Related Parties means any affliates of the Contractor and the Contractor's executive officers, Pennsylvania officers and directors, or owners of 5 percent or more interest in the Contractor.

  • Warranty Obligations has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 2.28.

  • Errors shall have the meaning specified in Section 8.2(c) of the Sale and Servicing Agreement.

  • right to information means the right to information accessible under this Act which is held by or under the control of any public authority and includes the right to—

  • Limitation of Liability Insert the following Section 15, after Section 14:

  • Company Related Parties shall have the meaning set forth in Section 8.3(c).