Definition of Daegis Merger

Daegis Merger means the merger of Daegis Inc., a Delaware corporation into Borrower with Borrower the surviving entity.

Examples of Daegis Merger in a sentence

If the Daegis Merger has not taken place within 5 Business Days of the Closing Date, Borrower will cause Daegis Inc.
Change Borrower's or any of its Subsidiaries' name, organizational identification number, state of organization or organizational identity; provided, however, that Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries may change its name upon at least 10 days prior written notice to Agent of such change, it being understood that Borrower's name change to "Daegis Inc." within 10 days of the Closing Date as a result of the Daegis Merger will not require more than 1 Business Day's prior written notice.
For information on the Merger Agreement and the other agreements between Daegis and OpenText and their respective related parties, see Section 11 -- "Purpose of the Offer and Plans for Daegis; Merger Agreement and Other Agreements".