Definition of Customer Maintenance

Customer Maintenance means steps taken by Customer to properly maintain the Customer Equipment in accordance with manufacturer instructions and requirements.

Examples of Customer Maintenance in a sentence

Customer acknowledges and agrees that the performance of Facilities Maintenance and Customer Maintenance may cause the network to be temporarily inaccessible and the Services temporarily unavailable to Customer.
Customer Maintenance Contact Information: SumTotal Systems Maintenance Web Site: (Note: Follow the instructions for submitting a technical issue or question to SumTotal Systems.) Telephone Maintenance Numbers: 877-TOTALCS or 877-868-2527 or 425-637-1673 The contact information above is current as of the date of this Contract.
Except in the event of Facilities Maintenance, Customer Maintenance, Customer use of a single physical connection and Force Majeure conditions, QUALITYTECH shall have the contracted Internet access available for the Customer to transmit information to, and receive information from the Internet 100% of the time during the Term of this Addendum (“Internet Access Guarantee”).
Customer Maintenance Manager' means the the City employee designated by the City pursuant to Section 2 of this Maintenance Agreement.
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, in no event shall QTS be liable for, and there shall be no abatement of fees or service level credits given as a result of, any stoppage, reduction or interruption of any utilities or services caused by Facilities Maintenance, Customer Maintenance or a Force Majeure Event.