Creatinine definition

Creatinine means a substance that is created in a human being as a result of muscle metabolism and is excreted in urine. The creatinine concentration of each urine specimen is measured by validity testing.

Examples of Creatinine in a sentence

Creatinine measurement: state of the art in accuracy and interlaboratory harmonization.

Estimating Glomerular Filtration Rate from Serum Creatinine and Cystatin C.

Creatinine corrections for estimating children’s and adult’s pesticide intake doses in equilibrium with urinary pesticide and creatinine concentrations.

Waikar SS, Bonventre JV: Creatinine kinetics and the definition of acute kidney injury.

Nitrofurantoin Contraindication in Patients with a Creatinine Clearance Below 60 mL/min: Looking for the Evidence.

Creatinine fluctuation has a greater effect than the formula to estimate glomerular filtration rate on the prevalence of chronic kidney disease.

Beddhu S, Samore MH, Roberts MS, Stoddard GJ, Pappas LM, Cheung AK: Creatinine production, nutrition, and glomerular filtration rate estimation.

Use and Misuse of a Biomarker: Contrast-Medium-Induced Nephropathy and Serum Creatinine.

The Selling Agent will cause all certificates and other documents, that are tendered by a holder of Debentures, to be held in escrow until the end of the Offering.

Creatinine (Cr) is a chemical waste molecule that is generated from muscle metabolism.

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Isomer means an optical isomer, but in RCW 69.50.101(r)(5), 69.50.204(a) (12) and (34), and 69.50.206(a)(4), the term includes any geometrical isomer; in RCW 69.50.204(a) (8) and (42), and 69.50.210(c) the term includes any positional isomer; and in RCW 69.50.204(a)(35), 69.50.204(c), and 69.50.208(a) the term includes any positional or geometric isomer.
glider means a non-power-driven heavier-than-air aircraft, deriving its lift in flight chiefly from aerodynamic reactions on surfaces, which remain fixed under given conditions of flight;
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Tetrahydrocannabinol means the natural or synthetic equivalents of the substances contained in the plant, or in the resinous extractives of, Cannabis sativa, or any synthetic substances, compounds, salts, or derivatives of the plant or chemicals and their isomers with similar chemical structure and pharmacological activity.
Pyrolysis means the thermal degradation of a substance in the absence of any oxidising agent, which does not form part of the substance itself, to produce char and gas and/or liquid; and
Nematode means invertebrate animals of the phylum nemathelminthes and class nematoda, that is, unsegmented round worms with elongated, fusiform or saclike bodies covered with cuticle and inhabiting soil, water, plants or plant parts; may also be called nemas or eelworms.
Prosthesis means an artificial device that replaces a missing part of the body.
Microbrewery means a brewery in the United States or in a
Oxygenate means an oxygen-containing, ashless, organic compound, such as alcohol or ether, that may be used as fuel or fuel supplement.
Brachytherapy means a method of radiation therapy in which sealed sources are utilized to deliver a radiation dose at a distance of up to a few centimeters, by surface, intracavitary, or interstitial application.
Methamphetamine means methamphetamine, any salt, isomer, or salt of an isomer of methamphetamine, or any compound, mixture, preparation, or substance containing methamphetamine or any salt, isomer, or salt of an isomer of methamphetamine.
Cider means any fermented fruit-based beverage containing seven percent (7%) or more alcohol by volume and includes hard cider and perry cider;
Receptor means enclosed spaces, conduits, protected groundwater sources, drinking and non-drinking water wells, surface water bodies, and public water systems which when impacted by chemicals of concern may result in exposure to humans and aquatic life, explosive conditions or other adverse effects on health, safety and the environment as specified in these rules.
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Cannabinoid means any of the chemical compounds that are the active constituents of marijuana.
Defoliant means any substance or mixture of substances intended for causing the leaves or foliage to drop from the plant with or without causing abscission.
Parenteral means a sterile preparation of drugs for injection through one or more layers of the skin.
Holocene means the most recent epoch of the Quaternary period, extending from the end of the Pleistocene Epoch to the present.
Brucellosis means the disease of brucellosis in animals.
coronavirus means severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2);
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Panchayat means an institution (by whatever name called) of self-government constituted under article 243B, for the rural areas;
Biologicals means preparations made from living organisms and their products, including vaccines, cultures, etc., intended for use in diagnosing, immunizing, or treating humans or animals or in research pertaining thereto.
Diagnostic Mammogram means an imaging examination designed to evaluate a subjective or objective abnormality detected by a physician in a breast; an abnormality seen by a physician on a screening mammogram; an abnormality previously identified by a physician as probably benign in a breast for which follow-up imaging is recommended by a physician; or an individual with a personal history of breast cancer.
genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
Cannabinoid extract means a substance obtained by separating cannabinoids from marijuana by: