Definition of CPE Securities

CPE Securities means any Equity Interests of CPE, or any rights, options, warrants or convertible or exchangeable securities having the right to convert into, exchange for, subscribe for or purchase any Equity Interests of CPE or any Indebtedness of CPE.
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Examples of CPE Securities in a sentence

Any Adjustment Event pursuant to this Section 3.3(d) must include a distribution to holders of such class or series of Units which is economically equivalent to any distribution to the corresponding class of CPE Securities made with respect to such division or combination.
The net proceeds, if any and as determined in the reasonable judgment of the Manager, whether in cash or other property, received by CPE with respect to the issuance of CPE Securities, including any incurrence of Indebtedness constituting CPE Securities, shall be transferred to the Company no later than the close of business on the Business Day following the receipt of any such net proceeds by CPE.