Consumer goods and services definition

Consumer goods and services means any goods or services, including contracts, projects, credit or debt primarily used or applied for personal or residential household or property improvements or personal or family purposes.
Consumer goods and services means the goods and services provided to consumers by all entities within the Consumer Goods and Services Industry, including but not limited to retailers, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, manufactures, producers, importers and their agents;

Examples of Consumer goods and services in a sentence

  • Consumer goods and services are those new or used goods and services, including mobile homes, that are used or bought primarily for personal, family or household purposes.

  • Industry fixed effects control for the five industry groups: Biotechnology and health-care, Business and financial services, Consumer goods and services, Energy and Industrials and Information Technology.

  • Air is a mixture and not a compound and can be separated into its ingredients.

  • Consumer goods and services received the most investment (24% by amount; 18% by number of com- panies), followed by business products and services (24%; 17%) and ICT (17%; 32%).

  • Consumer goods and services A similar set of issues are involved in other consumer goods and services and areas dominating consumer complaints and prosecutions can be identified as particular problems.

  • Furthermore, Eurostat’s work on the expansion of the HICP classification to the 5th and 6th COICOP/HICP level would, if successful, help to overcome this issue.Compilation formula and changes in the administered items Consumer goods and services may become administered or may be deregulated over time.

  • Properties: period, Classification of Individual Consumption Costs by Purpose (COICOP), special group of goods and services - Consumer goods and services.

  • Actual Product:• The different coffee products for home use; from espresso to latte macchiato, in several different preparing versions, such as classic roasted, instant or capsule system.• Out-of-home coffee service in Tchibo Coffee Bars or in the hotel/ restaurant/ cafeteria business, provided by the Tchibo Coffee Services.• Consumer goods and services according to the trends and needs of the customer.

  • Consumer goods and services price index in 2015-2017 (quarterly).

  • Consumer goods and services can have a variable profit margin built into their cost.

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  • Consumer goods means goods that are used or bought for use primarily for personal, family, or household purposes.

  • Goods and Services or "goods or services" means any work, labor, commodities, equipment, materials, or supplies of any tangible or intangible nature, except real property or any interest therein, provided or performed through a contract awarded by a purchasing agent, including goods and property subject to N.J.S.A. 12A:2-101 et seq.

  • Consumer-goods transaction means a consumer transaction in which:

  • Consumer fireworks means fireworks devices that are designed to produce visible effects by combustion, that are required to comply with the construction, chemical composition, and labeling regulations promulgated by the United States consumer product safety commission under 16 CFR parts 1500 and 1507, and that are listed in APA standard 87-1, 3.1.2, 3.1.3, or 3.5. Consumer fireworks does not include low-impact fireworks.

  • Consumer advocate means the consumer advocate referred to in Iowa Code chapter 475A.

  • Postconsumer waste means a finished material that would normally be

  • Consumer product means a chemically formulated product used by household and institutional consumers including, but not limited to, detergents; cleaning compounds; polishes; floor finishes; cosmetics; personal care products; home, lawn, and garden products; disinfectants; sanitizers; aerosol paints; and automotive specialty products; but does not include other paint products, furniture coatings, or architectural coatings. As used in this article, the term “consumer product” shall also refer to aerosol adhesives, including aerosol adhesives used for consumer, industrial, and commercial uses.

  • Perishable goods means personal property maintained under controlled conditions for its preservation, and susceptible to loss or damage if the controlled conditions change.

  • Retail Marijuana means all parts of the plant of the genus cannabis whether growing or not, the seeds thereof, the resin extracted from any part of the plant, and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of the plant, its seeds, or its resin, including but not limited to Retail Marijuana Concentrate, that is cultivated, manufactured, distributed, or sold by a licensed Retail Marijuana Business. “Retail Marijuana” does not include industrial hemp, nor does it include fiber produced from stalks, oil, or cake made from the seeds of the plant, sterilized seed of the plant which is incapable of germination, or the weight of any other Ingredient combined with marijuana to prepare topical or oral administrations, food, drink, or other product. If the context requires, Retail Marijuana includes Retail Marijuana Concentrate and Retail Marijuana Product.

  • Consumer Contract means an agreement between the Retailer and the Consumer that includes the supply of electricity and distribution services;

  • Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act means the Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017;

  • Consumer means any person who is supplied with electricity for his own use by a licensee or the Government or by any other person engaged in the business of supplying electricity to the public under this Act or any other law for the time being in force and includes any person whose premises are for the time being connected for the purpose of receiving electricity with the works of a licensee, the Government or such other person, as the case may be;

  • Locally manufactured goods means goods whose value, either in whole or in part, is derived from growing, producing, processing, assembling, or manufacturing activities that occur within a city-based manufacturer's facility located within the city.

  • Post-Consumer Waste means any product generated by a business or consumer which has served its intended end use, and which has been separated or diverted from solid waste for the purpose of recycling into a usable commodity or product, and which does not include post-industrial waste.

  • Marijuana wholesaler means a person who purchases marijuana items in this state for resale to a person other than a consumer.

  • Retail marijuana store means an entity licensed to purchase marijuana from marijuana cultivation facilities and marijuana and marijuana products from marijuana product manufacturing facilities and to sell marijuana and marijuana products to consumers.

  • Food means a raw, cooked, or processed edible substance, ice, beverage, or ingredient used or intended for use or for sale in whole or in part for human consumption, or chewing gum.

  • Cannabis wholesaler means any licensed person or entity that purchases or otherwise obtains, stores, sells or otherwise transfers, and may transport, cannabis items for the purpose of resale or other transfer to either another cannabis wholesaler or to a cannabis retailer, but not to consumers.

  • Postconsumer material means a material or finished product that has served its intended use and has been discarded for disposal or recovery, having completed its life as a consumer item. Postconsumer material is a part of the broader category of “recovered material.”

  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) shall mean any tax payable on the supply of goods, services or other things in accordance with the provisions of GST Law.

  • Home health aide services means the personal care and maintenance activities provided to individuals for the purpose of promoting normal standards of health and hygiene.

  • Consumer Information Any personally identifiable information in any form (written electronic or otherwise) relating to a Mortgagor, including, but not limited to: a Mortgagor’s name, address, telephone number, Mortgage Loan number, Mortgage Loan payment history, delinquency status, insurance carrier or payment information, tax amount or payment information; the fact that the Mortgagor has a relationship with the Seller or Servicer or the originator of the related Mortgage Loan; and any other non-public personally identifiable information.

  • originating goods means goods that qualify as originating in accordance with the relevant provisions of Chapter 4;

  • agricultural products means an animal or plant or a product, including any food or drink that is wholly or partly derived from an animal or plant, and includes all after acquired Agricultural Products of the Producer, or any proceeds therefore.

  • The Consumer Price Index means the Consumer Price Index for Canada as published by Statistics Canada (1971 = 100) and hereinafter called the C.P.I.

  • wholesale customer means a natural or legal person purchasing electricity for the purpose of resale inside or outside the system where he is established;