Competitive interest rates definition

Competitive interest rates means rates of interest for loans with similar terms charged by private lending institutions in the same area to borrowers of equivalent creditworthiness and access to alternative credit.

Examples of Competitive interest rates in a sentence

  • Although stiff competition between credit providers has some advantages for the microentrepreneur, it can also have a negative impact, notably: - Borrowing from several institutions, leading to overindebtedness- Competitive interest rates, leading to a decrease in support services for microentrepreneurs.

  • Competitive interest rates with a guaranteed fixed rate of return • No account keeping fees • Minimum investment $1,000 • Interest is calculated and paid at the end of selected term • Additional investments can be added at the end of each term • Interest may be gifted to an Anglican organisation, parish or school.

  • Few words on ASA innovation● ASA methodology is developed through learning by doing;● Weakness is closely observed and remedial action devised;● ASA mechanism and system is improved to be cost-effective;● ASA judiciously combines the maximum level of delegation with the minimum level of discretion;● Competitive interest rates were offered.

  • These benefits include: • No down payment requirement; • Competitive interest rates; • Limited closing costs; • No loan limit on funding based on local median home price; • No need for private mortgage insurance (PMI); and • A lifetime benefit, meaning the program can be used multiple times.

  • In promotion files, candidates should give special emphasis to accomplishments since the last promotion.Most importantly, the P&T Committee will consider all files as honest and ethical statements of what the candidates have accomplished and how they have contributed to SCSU and to the profession.

  • Competitive interest rates will have an impact on the level of credit that can be distributed.

  • Competitive interest rates on residential property, attractive LVRs and the offset facility.

  • RGHCL-FIN 17 FGC 2020-21/2 Dt. March 19, 2021Sir,Subject : Request to quote Competitive interest rates for placing temporary surplus funds in short term fixed deposits / Savings Bank Accounts through e-procurement portal.

  • Competitive interest rates on deposits and security in transactions cause people to like investing and keeping their funds organized.In the study of Islamic economics, each person is encouraged to try and conduct real economic activities or muamalah activities.

  • Competitive interest rates on new, used, or refinance RV loansFlexible terms from 72 to 180 months Finance up to 100%Save an additional 0.50% offyour rate with automatic payments and loan loyalty discountAsk a Member Service representative for details.Recreational Vehicles (RV) consist of motorhomes, fifth-wheels, jet skis, and quads.

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  • Effective Interest Rate means the rate of interest per annum on the Loans in effect from time to time pursuant to the provisions of Section 3.1(a), (b) and (c).

  • Interest Rate Period means any Daily Interest Rate Period, Weekly Interest Rate Period, Short-Term Interest Rate Period, Long- Term Interest Rate Period or ARS Interest Rate Period.

  • Competitive Bid Margin has the meaning set forth in Section 2.03(d).

  • Selected Interest Rates as the Bank prime loan rate or its equivalent), and (ii) the Federal Funds Rate plus 50 basis points per annum. Each change in any interest rate provided for in the Agreement based upon the Index Rate shall take effect at the time of such change in the Index Rate.

  • Interest Rate Determination Date means, with respect to any Interest Period, the date that is two Business Days prior to the first day of such Interest Period.

  • Applicable Interest Rate means the rate of interest prescribed under the Act from time to time;

  • Competitive Bid Rate means, with respect to any Competitive Bid, the Margin or the Fixed Rate, as applicable, offered by the Lender making such Competitive Bid.

  • Absolute Rate has the meaning given that term in Section 2.2.(c)(ii)(C).

  • Floating Rate Interest Period means, during the Floating Rate Period, the period beginning on (and including) a Floating Rate Period Interest Payment Date and ending on (but excluding) the next succeeding Floating Rate Period Interest Payment Date; provided that the first Floating Rate Interest Period will begin on (and include) April 18, 2025 and will end on (but exclude) the first Floating Rate Period Interest Payment Date.

  • Floating Rate Convention means that each relevant date shall be the date which numerically corresponds to the preceding such date in the calendar month which is the number of months specified in the applicable Final Terms as the Specified Period after the calendar month in which the preceding such date occurred; provided, however, that:

  • Reserve Interest Rate With respect to any Interest Determination Date, the rate per annum that the Trustee determines to be either (i) the arithmetic mean (rounded upwards if necessary to the nearest whole multiple of 1/16%) of the one-month U.S. dollar lending rates which New York City banks selected by the Trustee are quoting on the relevant Interest Determination Date to the principal London offices of leading banks in the London interbank market or (ii) in the event that the Trustee can determine no such arithmetic mean, the lowest one-month U.S. dollar lending rate which New York City banks selected by the Trustee are quoting on such Interest Determination Date to leading European banks.

  • Reference Interest Rate means the interest rate which is used as the basis for calculating any interest to be applied and which comes from a publicly available source which can be verified by both parties to a payment service contract;

  • Reference Rate Determination Date means, in relation to any Reference Rate Business Day(i):

  • Interest Rates means the interest rates provided for in Sections 2.11 and 2.12 of the Credit Agreement.

  • Floating Rate Period shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.05(b) hereof.

  • Prime Interest Rate means the publicly quoted variable annual basic rate of interest, published from time to time by the bankers of FUNDI as being their prime rate and as certified by the auditors of FUNDI, whose appointment it shall not be necessary to prove. Details of such bankers will be provided to the Applicant when so requested in writing.

  • Component Interest Rate Not applicable.

  • Interest Rate Option means any LIBOR Rate Option or Base Rate Option.

  • Reset Rate of Interest means, in relation to a Reset Interest Period, the 7-year Mid-Swap Rate determined for such Reset Interest Period by the Fiscal Agent in accordance with Condition 5 (Interest);

  • Eurodollar Competitive Loan means any Competitive Loan bearing interest at a rate determined by reference to the LIBO Rate in accordance with the provisions of Article II.

  • Interest Rate Adjustment Date With respect to each Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan, the date, specified in the related Mortgage Note and the related Mortgage Loan Schedule, on which the Mortgage Interest Rate is adjusted.

  • Base Interest Rate means Bank's initial cost of funding the Fixed Obligations. The Prepayment Fee is calculated as follows: First, Bank determines a "Current Market Rate" based on what the Bank would receive if it loaned the remaining amount on the prepayment date in a wholesale funding market matching maturity, remaining principal and interest amounts and principal and interest payment dates (the aggregate payments received are the "Current Market Rate Amount"). Bank may select any wholesale funding market rate as the Current Market Rate. Second, Bank will take the prepayment amount and calculate the present value of each remaining principal and interest payment which, without prepayment, the Bank would have received during the term of the Fixed Obligations using the Base Interest Rate. The sum of the present value calculations is the "Xxxx to Market Amount." Third, the Bank will subtract the Current Market Rate Amount from the Xxxx to Market Amount. Any amount greater than zero is the Prepayment Fee.

  • Competitive Bid Loan means a Competitive Bid LIBOR Loan or a Competitive Bid Absolute Rate Loan.

  • Fixed Rate Interest Period means the period beginning on (and including) the Issue Date and ending on (but excluding) the first Fixed Rate Interest Payment Date, and each successive period beginning on (and including) a Fixed Rate Interest Payment Date and ending on (but excluding) the next succeeding Fixed Rate Interest Payment Date.

  • Competitive Bid Advance means an advance by a Lender to any Borrower as part of a Competitive Bid Borrowing resulting from the competitive bidding procedure described in Section 2.03 and refers to a Fixed Rate Advance or a LIBO Rate Advance.