Classified Government Contract definition

Classified Government Contract means any Government Contract where any portion of the agreement or performance of the agreement is classified pursuant to Executive Order 13292.
Classified Government Contract means any Government Contract that requires security clearance and/or special program access.

Examples of Classified Government Contract in a sentence

  • While UTEP desires to protect its right to publish the results of University-based research, one should not publically release any information (classified/unclassified) that is tied to a Classified Government Contract without approval from that Contract's Sponsor.

Related to Classified Government Contract

  • Government Contract means a contract awarded by a governmental entity for general construction, an improvement, a service, or a public works project or for a purchase of supplies, materials, or equipment.

  • Government Contracts has the meaning set forth in Section 3.09(a)(viii).

  • Covered Government support contractor means a contractor (other than a litigation support contractor covered by 252.204-7014) under a contract, the primary purpose of which is to furnish independent and impartial advice or technical assistance directly to the Government in support of the Government’s management and oversight of a program or effort (rather than to directly furnish an end item or service to accomplish a program or effort), provided that the contractor—

  • Foreign government means any jurisdiction other than the one embraced within the United States, its territories, and its possessions.

  • Contracting Government means any of the Governments of the Commonwealth, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and of any other State becoming a party pursuant to clause 134.

  • Government Subcontract shall have the meaning attributed to such term under the definition of “Government Contract”.

  • Host Government means a Government with which UNICEF has a programme of development cooperation, and includes a Government of a country in which UNICEF provides humanitarian assistance.

  • Available government assistance means any governmental rental or housing payment benefits available to the individual or any household member.

  • Australian Government rebate means the private health insurance rebate that helps reduce the cost of health insurance. The rebate you are entitled to depends on your income and age and is indexed annually by the Australian Government.

  • Local government entity means a county, incorporated city, independent school district, public junior college district, emergency services district, other special district, joint board, or other entity defined as a political subdivision under Texas law that maintains the capability to provide mutual aid.

  • Government List means any of (i) the two lists maintained by the United States Department of Commerce (Denied Persons and Entities), (ii) the list maintained by the United States Department of Treasury (Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons), and (iii) the two lists maintained by the United States Department of State (Terrorist Organizations and Debarred Parties).

  • Loss of Government property means unintended, unforeseen or accidental loss, damage or destruction to Government property that reduces the Government’s expected economic benefits of the property. Loss of Government property does not include purposeful destructive testing, obsolescence, normal wear and tear or manufacturing defects. Loss of Government property includes, but is not limited to—

  • Authorized Government Agency means a regulatory body or government agency, with jurisdiction over PJM, the PJM Market, or any entity doing business in the PJM Market, including, but not limited to, the Commission, State Commissions, and state and federal attorneys general. Avoidable Cost Rate:

  • Certified local government means a unit of local government which is certified by the National Park Service to carry out the purposes of the National Historic Preservation Act in accordance with Section 101(c) of the Act and 36 CFR 61, April 13, 1984, and August 30, 1985.

  • Level of Government means the national and county level of government;

  • United States Government Obligations means bonds, notes, certificates of indebtedness, treasury bills or other securities constituting direct obligations of, or obligations the principal of and interest on which are fully and unconditionally guaranteed as to full and timely payment by, the United States of America, including evidences of a direct ownership interest in future interest or principal payment on obligations issued by the United States of America (including the interest component of obligations of the Resolution Funding Corporation), or securities which represent an undivided interest in such obligations, which obligations are rated in the highest rating category by a nationally recognized rating service and such obligations are held in a custodial account for the benefit of the Issuer.

  • Participating local government means a local government

  • Local Government Act means the Local Government Act 1993, and includes the City of Brisbane Act 1924.

  • Comparable Government Bond means, in relation to any Comparable Government Bond Rate calculation, at the discretion of an independent investment bank selected by us, a German government bond whose maturity is closest to the maturity of the notes to be redeemed, or if such independent investment bank in its discretion determines that such similar bond is not in issue, such other German government bond as such independent investment bank may, with the advice of three brokers of, and/or market makers in, German government bonds selected by us, determine to be appropriate for determining the Comparable Government Bond Rate.

  • Municipal Government Act means the Municipal Government Act, RSA 2000, c M-26;

  • Government Lists means, collectively, (i) the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons Lists maintained by OFAC, (ii) any other list of terrorists, terrorist organizations or narcotics traffickers maintained pursuant to any of the Rules and Regulations of OFAC, and (iii) any similar lists maintained by the United States Department of State, the United States Department of Commerce or any other governmental authority or pursuant to any Executive Order.

  • Relevant Governmental Body means the Federal Reserve Board and/or the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, or a committee officially endorsed or convened by the Federal Reserve Board and/or the Federal Reserve Bank of New York or any successor thereto.

  • Foreign Government Obligations means, with respect to Securities of any Series that are denominated in a Foreign Currency, direct obligations of, or obligations guaranteed by, the government that issued or caused to be issued such currency for the payment of which obligations its full faith and credit is pledged and which are not callable or redeemable at the option of the issuer thereof.

  • Intra-governmental gift means any gift given to a Board member or employee from another Board member or employee, and "inter- governmental gift" means any gift given to a Board member or employee from an officer or employee of another governmental entity.

  • Government servant means any person appointed by Government to any civil service or post in connection with the affairs of the Union & includes a civilian in a Defence service;

  • Unit of local government means unit of local government as defined by section 115(5).