Charitable definition

Charitable means for a benevolent purpose, including environmental, health, educational, humane, patriotic, scientific, artistic, social welfare, and civic.
Charitable means both charitable under section 7 of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 and also in relation to the application of the Taxes Acts.
Charitable means and includes the words patriotic, philanthropic, social service, health, welfare, benevolent, educational, civic, cultural or fraternal, either actual or purported.

Examples of Charitable in a sentence

  • The Trust may reduce the amount payable to the Prohibited Owner by the amount of dividends and other distributions which have been paid to the Prohibited Owner and are owed by the Prohibited Owner to the Charitable Trustee pursuant to Section 14.2(c).

  • Upon any purported Transfer or other event described in Section 14.1(a) and (b) that would result in a transfer of Shares to a Charitable Trust, such Shares shall be deemed to have been transferred to the Charitable Trustee as trustee of a Charitable Trust for the exclusive benefit of one or more Charitable Beneficiaries.

  • The Charitable Trustee shall distribute any such assets received in respect of the Shares held in the Charitable Trust in any liquidation, dissolution or winding up of, or distribution of the assets of, the Trust in accordance with Section 14.2(e).

  • Neither the failure of the Trust to make such designation nor the failure of the Trust to appoint the Charitable Trustee before the automatic transfer provided for in Sections 14.1(a) and (b) shall make such transfer ineffective, provided that the Trust thereafter makes such designation and appointment.

  • Any dividends or other distributions so paid over to the Charitable Trustee shall be held in trust for the Charitable Beneficiary.

More Definitions of Charitable

Charitable means exclusively charitable in accordance with the law of England and Wales provided that it will not include any purpose that is not charitable in accordance with any statutory provision regarding the meaning of the word ‘charitable’ or the wordscharitable purposesin force in any part of the United Kingdom. For the avoidance of doubt, the system of law governing these Memorandum and Articles is the law of England and Wales.
Charitable means an organization or institution organized and operated to benefit an indefinite number of the public. The service rendered to those eligible for benefits must also confer some benefit on the public.
Charitable. , in relation to expenditure, means expenditure for a charitable, benevolent or philanthropic purpose.”
Charitable means patriotic, philanthropic, social service, benevolent, educational, civic or fraternal.
Charitable means charitable both for the purposes of Section 7 of the Charities and Trustees Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 and also Section 505 of the income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988.
Charitable means an activity which improves the material situation of a certain number of persons in need.
Charitable means and includes the words patriotic, philanthropic, social, service, welfare, benevolent, educational, civic, humane, eleemosynary, or fraternal, either actual or purported.