Certificated Securities definition

Certificated Securities means Securities in the form of physical, certificated Securities in registered form.
Certificated Securities means Securities that are in the form of the Securities attached hereto as Exhibit A-2.
Certificated Securities as defined in Section 4.19(a).

Examples of Certificated Securities in a sentence

  • Except to the extent otherwise provided in the Act, the rights and obligations of Security holders shall not be different solely on the basis of their Securities being Certificated Securities or Uncertificated Securities and each provision of this Memorandum of Incorporation applies with respect to any Uncertificated Securities in the same manner as it applies to Certificated Securities, unless otherwise stated or indicated by the context.

  • The instrument of transfer of any Certificated Securities shall be signed by both the transferor and the transferee and the transferor shall be deemed to remain the holder of such Certificated Securities until the name of the transferee is entered in the Securities Register.

  • Any Certificated Securities may cease to be evidenced by certificates and thereafter become Uncertificated Securities.

  • Subject to such restrictions as may be applicable, (whether by virtue of the preferences, rights, limitations, or other terms associated with the Securities in question), any Shareholder or holder of other Securities may transfer all or any of its Certificated Securities by instrument in writing in any usual or common form or any other form which the Directors may approve.

More Definitions of Certificated Securities

Certificated Securities means Securities that are in registered definitive form.
Certificated Securities means definitive Securities in registered non-global certificated form.
Certificated Securities. uncertificated securities”, “securities accounts”, “investment property” and “proceeds” (each as defined in the applicable UCC) and such other categories of collateral under the applicable UCC as to which the Borrower has complied with its obligations under Section 4.1(m)(i);
Certificated Securities means Securities issued by the Company that are not Uncertificated Securities;
Certificated Securities. As defined in the Indenture.
Certificated Securities which means that they will be represented by a certificate issued in definitive registered form.
Certificated Securities means Securities that are in substantially the form attached hereto as Exhibit A and that do not include the information called for by footnotes 1 and 3 thereof.