Carveouts definition

Carveouts means those matters from which Carveout Obligations may arise, which are described in Section 21.
Carveouts means the following matters:
Carveouts means, collectively and individually, the products described in Exhibit 1.22 hereto. For purposes of this Agreement, Carveouts are not in the Alliance Field.

Examples of Carveouts in a sentence

  • Carveouts to collect monies owed simply provided that the franchisor could go to court to collect monies owed.

  • Carveouts were found in franchise contracts where the franchisor agreed to lease commercial property to protect real property rights from the owner and then sublease it to the franchisee to conduct franchise operations.

  • Carveouts to protect real property rights and carveouts to collect monies owed were not there present, however.

  • The contract language reproduced in Exhibit B shall not be used to prohibit, prevent, or penalize Steered Plans or Transparency, but could remain enforceable for protection against Carve-outs.

  • In consideration of the Lender agreeing to make the Loan, and upon the terms and provisions hereof, the Carveout Obligor hereby irrevocably, absolutely and unconditionally guarantees the full and prompt payment to the Lender of the Indebtedness, to the extent, and only to the extent, of the amount of the Indebtedness which has arisen because the Lender has advanced funds or incurred expenses in respect of any of the Carveouts.

  • River, sendang (lake-like water system) can be found in this village.

  • Xxxxxxxx Title: Vice President Guarantor (FF&E), Guarantor (Recourse Carveouts) and Guarantor (Operating Lease), each hereby acknowledges and consents to the foregoing (including, without limitation, Section 11.4 and Section 11.5 hereof).

  • Carve-outs effectively change the priority of creditors and potentially can make some creditors (eg unsecured creditors) worse off.

  • The Interim Financial Statements of the Bank have been prepared on accrual basis of accounting in accordance with Nepal Financial Reporting Standards (NFRS) and Carve-outs as issued by Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN) vide its notice dated 20 September 2018 and in the format prescribed by Nepal Rastra Bank through NRB Circular 19 dated Falgun 14, 2075.

  • Carve-outs are often provided by a separate entity specializing in that type of designated service.

More Definitions of Carveouts

Carveouts has the meaning given that term in the DIP Order.
Carveouts means the following matters, whether occurring prior to or after the date of this Agreement:

Related to Carveouts

  • Real estate related financial transaction means any transaction involving:

  • Release Property shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.6 hereof.

  • Real Property Interests means all interests in real property of whatever nature, including easements, whether as owner or holder of a Security Interest, lessor, sublessor, lessee, sublessee or otherwise.

  • Single Family Property A one-unit residential property.

  • Multifamily Property means any real property on which multifamily residential-use development has been constructed or is now or hereafter proposed to be constructed (for example, and not by way of limitation, a property of the type managed by the Company).

  • Housing Credit means the tax credit issued in exchange for the development of rental housing pursuant to the following:

  • Historic property means any prehistoric or historic site, district, building, object, or other real or personal property of historical, architectural, or archaeological value, and folklife resources. These properties or resources may include, but are not limited to, monuments, memorials, Indian habitations, ceremonial sites, abandoned settlements, sunken or abandoned ships, engineering works, treasure trove, artifacts, or other objects with intrinsic historical or archaeological value, or any part thereof, relating to the history, government, and culture of Florida.

  • Surety Instruments means all letters of credit (including standby and commercial), banker's acceptances, bank guaranties, shipside bonds, surety bonds and similar instruments.

  • Property Owner means any person shown as the owner of land on the last equalized assessment roll or otherwise known to be the owner of land by the city council. “Business owner” means any person recognized by the city as the owner of the business. “Owner” means either a business owner or a property owner. The city council has no obligation to obtain other information as to the ownership of land or businesses, and its determination of ownership shall be final and conclusive for the purposes of this part. Wherever this part requires the signature of the property owner, the signature of the authorized agent of the property owner shall be sufficient. Wherever this part requires the signature of the business owner, the signature of the authorized agent of the business owner shall be sufficient.

  • Land Value means, at any time:-

  • Guaranties means, as to any Person, all obligations (other than endorsements in the ordinary course of business of negotiable instruments for deposit or collection) of such Person guaranteeing or, in effect, guaranteeing any Debt of any other Person (the “primary obligor”) in any manner, whether directly or indirectly, including all obligations incurred through an agreement, contingent or otherwise, by such Person: (a) to purchase such Debt or any property or assets constituting security therefor, (b) to advance or supply funds (i) for the purchase or payment of such Debt or (ii) to maintain working capital or other balance sheet conditions or otherwise to advance or make available funds for the purchase or payment of such Debt, (c) to lease property or to purchase securities or other property or services primarily for the purpose of assuring the owner of such Debt of the ability of the primary obligor to make payment of the Debt or (d) otherwise to assure the owner of the Debt of the primary obligor against loss in respect thereof.

  • Permitted Real Property Encumbrances means (i) those liens, encumbrances and other matters affecting title to any Mortgaged Property listed in the applicable title policy in respect thereof (or any update thereto) and found, on the date of delivery of such title policy to the Administrative Agent in accordance with the terms hereof, reasonably acceptable by the Administrative Agent, (ii) as to any particular real property at any time, such easements, encroachments, covenants, restrictions, rights of way, minor defects, irregularities or encumbrances on title which do not, in the reasonable opinion of the Administrative Agent, materially impair such real property for the purpose for which it is held by the mortgagor or owner, as the case may be, thereof, or the Lien held by the Administrative Agent, (iii) municipal and zoning laws, regulations, codes and ordinances, which are not violated in any material respect by the existing improvements and the present use made by the mortgagor or owner, as the case may be, of such real property, (iv) general real estate taxes and assessments not yet delinquent, and (v) such other items as the Administrative Agent may consent to.

  • Housing Unit means a detached or attached (including townhouse condominium or condominium) single-family house (but excluding mobile homes) owned by the Restricted Parent or a Subsidiary of the Restricted Parent (i) which is completed or for which there has been a start of construction and (ii) which has been or is being constructed on any real estate which immediately prior to the start of construction constituted a Lot.

  • Related Real Estate Documents with respect to any Real Estate subject to a Mortgage, the following, in form and substance satisfactory to Agent and received by Agent for review at least 10 days prior to the effective date of the Mortgage: (a) a mortgagee title policy (or binder therefor) covering Agent’s interest under the Mortgage, in a form and amount and by an insurer acceptable to Agent, which must be fully paid on such effective date; (b) such assignments of leases, estoppel letters, attornment agreements, consents, waivers and releases as Agent may require with respect to other Persons having an interest in the Real Estate; (c) a current, as-built survey of the Real Estate, containing a metes-and-bounds property description and flood plain certification, and certified by a licensed surveyor acceptable to Agent; (d) flood insurance in an amount, with endorsements and by an insurer acceptable to Agent, if the Real Estate is within a flood plain; (e) a current appraisal of the Real Estate, prepared by an appraiser acceptable to Agent, and in form and substance satisfactory to Required Lenders; (f) an environmental assessment, prepared by environmental engineers acceptable to Agent, and accompanied by such reports, certificates, studies or data as Agent may reasonably require, which shall all be in form and substance satisfactory to Required Lenders; and (g) an Environmental Agreement and such other documents, instruments or agreements as Agent may reasonably require with respect to any environmental risks regarding the Real Estate.

  • Affordable Housing Unit means a rental unit in an affordable housing building that rents for an amount that is affordable to households at or below 60 percent of area median income, as median income was most recently determined by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development for the Minneapolis- St. Paul- Bloomington, Minnesota-Wisconsin Metropolitan Statistical Area, as adjusted for household size and number of bedrooms.

  • Affordable Housing Units – means the Affordable Housing to be provided as part of the Development in accordance with the application and/or any subsequent reserved matters approval.

  • Ground Leases Those certain leases with respect to real property that is a portion of the Leased Property, pursuant to which Landlord is a tenant and which leases have either been approved by Tenant or are in existence as of the date hereof and listed on Schedule A hereto.

  • Real Estate Assets means any investment by the Company or the Operating Partnership in unimproved and improved Real Property (including fee or leasehold interests, options and leases), directly, through one or more subsidiaries or through a Joint Venture.

  • Undepreciated Real Estate Assets as of any date means the cost (original cost plus capital improvements) of real estate assets of the Company and its Subsidiaries on such date, before depreciation and amortization, determined on a consolidated basis in accordance with GAAP.

  • Single-family dwelling unit means a structure that is usually occupied by just one household or family and for the purposes of this Policy is expected to generate an average of 250 gallons per day of wastewater.

  • Operating Lease Obligations means all obligations for the payment of rent for any real or personal property under leases or agreements to lease, other than Capitalized Lease Obligations.

  • Investment Related Property means: (i) all “investment property” (as such term is defined in Article 9 of the UCC) and (ii) all of the following (regardless of whether classified as investment property under the UCC): all Pledged Equity Interests, Pledged Debt, the Investment Accounts and certificates of deposit.

  • Investment Project means an investment in qualified buildings

  • Hotel Property means a Property on which there is located an operating hotel.

  • Housing project means a project, or distinct portion of a project, which is designed and intended to provide decent, safe and sanitary dwellings, apartments or other living accommodations for persons of low and moderate income; such work or undertaking may include buildings, land, equipment, facilities and other real or personal property for necessary, convenient or desirable appurtenances, streets, sewers, water service, parks, site preparation, gardening, administrative, community, health, recreational, educational, welfare or other purposes. The term “housing project” also may be applied to the planning of the buildings and improvements, the acquisition of property, the demolition of existing structures, the construction, reconstruction, alteration and repair of the improvements and all other work in connection therewith.

  • Expandable condominium means a condominium to which additional land may be added in accordance with the provisions of the declaration and of this chapter.