Card Application definition

Card Application. Means your credit application for your Account.
Card Application means the signed original or conformed copy (e.g., microfilm/microfiche) application, or in the case where any application was made by telephone or via the Internet, the telesales representative’s documentation or the electronically submitted application, as applicable, whereby a Person applied for a Credit Card.
Card Application means the signed original or conformed copy (including microfilm or microfiche) of an application, or in the case where any application was made by telephone, any such application processed in accordance with Seller's Credit Card Guidelines, whereby a Person applied for a Credit Card.

Examples of Card Application in a sentence

  • In this Agreement and on Your Credit Card Application, You gave Us a security interest in all individual or joint share and/or deposit accounts with the Credit Union and authorized Us, if You defaulted, to apply the balance in these accounts to any amounts due.

  • Submit an identification Card Application (DOT 1681) using the automated system located at

  • The application may be the Iowa voter registration application, the National Mail Voter Registration Form, a Federal Post Card Application, a declaration/affirmation accompanying a federal write-in absentee ballot or a signature on a voted UOCAVA absentee ballot affidavit.

  • The Parties hereby agree that the service of any Writ of Summons or any legal process in respect of any claim arising out of or connected with this Agreement may be effected by forwarding a copy of the same by prepaid registered post and a copy of the same by ordinary post to the Cardmember’s address(es) stated in the Maybank Credit Card Application Form or to such other address(es) notified by the Cardmember to Maybank from time to time.

  • If the certificate meets the required condition the Digital Signature Certificate and all details are entered correctly the Digital Signature and User will be enrolled.(l) Once enrolled visit the website then click on the tab Online Smart Card Application – Central Organisation.

  • The Principal Cardholder can request as many Supplementary Cards on his/her Card Account as he/she wants (within the policy and procedures laid down by the Bank) and all the Supplementary Cards shall share the Card Limit in accordance with the Card Application.

  • Pursuant to the Card Application and Murabaha Contract (if any):1.

  • Card Application means the Card application form signed by the applicant which shall constitute an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.

  • The Card Application shall be an offer by the Principal Cardholder that the Bank may, in its sole discretion, accept and such offer and acceptance shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions.

  • The Card Holder’s data shall appear on the Credit Card or Bank Card Application Form in addition to the Credit Card or Bank Card Agreement.

More Definitions of Card Application

Card Application means the completed Sagicor Bank Credit Card application forms submitted in your name electronically or by signed printed application form submitted to the Bank through any Sagicor Bank Branch or designated agent or channel.
Card Application means the paper-based or electronic application form provided to and to be completed by the Company in order for one or more Cards to be issued;
Card Application means a duly completed and signed application (in the Bank’s standard format) or the Bank’s web based application or an application submitted through any of Bank’s channels including ATM, IVR, Digital Banking or any other channel as allowed by the Bank from time to time, and submitted by the Customer for obtaining the Card.
Card Application. Means your credit application for your Account. Card: Means the credit card(s) and associated card number(s) that Bank issues as part of your Account.
Card Application means the Bank’s Credit Card application that must be completed and submitted to Bank (regardless of the form thereof or the means of delivery thereof) to apply for an Account.
Card Application means a written application to us in the form prescribed by us for the issuance of any Card(s). CardMember means the applicant (i.e. the business) as stated in the Card Application.

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  • Card means the Visa credit card and any duplicates, renewals, or substitutions the Credit Union issues to you; "account" means your Visa credit card line-of-credit account with the Credit Union; and "Credit Union" means the Credit Union whose name appears on this Agreement or anyone to whom the Credit Union transfers this Agreement.

  • Licensed Application means an Application that (a) meets and complies with all of the Documentation and Program Requirements, and (b) has been selected and digitally signed by Apple for distribution, and includes any additional permitted functionality, content or services provided by You from within an Application using the In-App Purchase API.

  • Cardholder means an individual, company, firm or other body to whom a Card has been issued at any time and who is authorised to use that Card;

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