Definition of BMC LLC Agreement

BMC LLC Agreement means the First Amended and Restated Limited Liability Company Agreement of BMC dated as of October 10, 2006, as amended.

Examples of BMC LLC Agreement in a sentence

Except as set forth in the BMC LLC Agreement, there are no preemptive or other rights to subscribe for or to purchase, nor any restriction upon the voting or transfer of, any interest in BMC pursuant to any agreement to which BMC or BEC is a party or to which any of them may be bound.
The Partnership hereby agrees that it is bound by the terms and conditions of the BMC LLC Agreement.
Notwithstanding any provision in the BMC LLC Agreement, the Partnership is hereby admitted to BMC as the sole member of BMC simultaneously with the consummation of the contribution and assignment of the BMC Membership Interest by BEC to the Partnership contemplated hereby, and immediately thereafter, BEC shall and does hereby cease to be a member of BMC, and shall thereupon cease to have or exercise any right or power as a member of BMC.