AYE definition

AYE has the meaning specified in the recital of parties to this Agreement.
AYE or “Yes” – This means the member consents, endorses, and agrees with the motion and the actions taken therein.
AYE of the substitute motion.

Examples of AYE in a sentence

On roll call, the vote was 5 – 0 with all Trustees present voting "Aye".

On roll call, the vote was 4 – 0 with all Trustees present voting "Aye".

Vote on Motion Mr. Evans Aye Mr. Jordan Aye Mr. Ward Aye RESOLUTION NO.

Vote on Motion Mr. Jordan Aye Mr. Evans Aye Mr. Ward Aye RESOLUTION NO.

The motion carried with the following vote: Aye – Ms. Alvarez, Ms. Barrios, Mr. Hanna, Mr. Hernandez, Mr. Labrado, Ms. Mendoza, and Mr. Yarbrough.

Vote on Motion Mr. Ward Aye Mr. Jordan Aye Mr. Evans Aye RESOLUTION NO.

Biehn Aye Edberg Aye Engstran Aye Jones Aye Walsh Aye Motion carried unanimously.

Question: Mr. Haste – Aye; Mr. Pries – Aye and Mr. Hartwick – Aye; motion carried.

The motion carried with the following vote: Aye – Dr. Arias Miller, Mr. Crockett, Mr. Hanna, Mr. Hernandez, Mr. Labrado, Mr. Tinajero, and Mr. Yarbrough.

Vote on Motion Mr. O'Brien Aye Mr. Merrell Aye Mr. Stapleton Aye RESOLUTION NO.

More Definitions of AYE

AYE returned the sergeant, “two. They’re pretty well known to be out on the marshes still, and they won’t try to get clear of ’em before dusk. Anybody here seen anything of any such game?”
AYE means Agua y Energia Electrica S.E.;
AYE means Agua y Energia Electrica, a national water and power company of the Borrower;
AYE indicate a vote in favor. Messages like “I oppose.”, “I vote against.”, and “Nay” indicate a vote against. Tallying Votes To tally votes, the contributor who solicited votes must ensure that each vote message is circulated. If the communication system enables forwarding messages verbatim, such as by forwarding e-mail, the contributor must forward vote messages verbatim. If a voting contributor circulates their vote themself, the contributor soliciting votes does not have to circulate it again.
AYE t o appr ove, m ot i on car r i ed.

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Ditto means the whole of the preceding description in which it occurs. Where it occurs in description of succeeding item it shall mean the same as in the first description of the series in which it occurs except as qualified in the description concerned. Where it occurs in brackets it shall mean the whole of the preceding description which is contained within the appropriate brackets.
McDaniel means McDaniel & Associates Consultants Ltd., independent oil and gas reservoir engineers of Calgary, Alberta;
Growler means any refillable, resealable container complying with federal law.
ATO means the Australian Taxation Office;
Baker - A Baker shall mean a worker, competent by training and experience to perform and who may be required to perform, any or all of the operations involved in the baking of bread. Such operations without limiting the definition, include the mixing, handling, moulding or baking of dough. Provided that such a baker may be required by the employer to perform any general work in connection with the bakehouse.
PETE means polyethylene terephthalate, labeled by the SPI code #1.
Sproule means Sproule Associates Limited, independent petroleum consultants of Calgary, Alberta.
DARO means "days after the effective date for award of the contractual action".
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AT&T means AT&T Corp., a New York corporation.
Qard means a contract of lending money whereby the borrower is obliged to repay the equivalent amount to lender.
Lacquer means a clear or opaque wood coating, including clear lacquer sanding sealers, formulated with cellulosic or synthetic resins to dry by evaporation without chemical reaction and to provide a solid, protective film.
Dean means a College Dean, or the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, or the Dean of the Graduate School, or the equivalent as indicated—or in all cases a “Dean’s designee” appointed to handle academic grievances for the unit.
IARD means the Investment Advisory Registration Depository.
Truancy means any absence of part or all of one or more days from school during which the school attendance officer, prin- cipal or teacher has not been notified of the legal cause of such absence by the parent or guardian of the absent pupil, and also means intermittent attendance carried on for the purpose of defeating the intent of s. 118.15.
Panchayat means an institution (by whatever name called) of self-government constituted under article 243B, for the rural areas;
B-BBEE means broad-based black economic empowerment as defined in section 1 of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act;
Ford means Ford Motor Company, a Delaware corporation.
SAM means the federal System for Award Management (SAM); which is the federal repository into which an entity must provide information required for the conduct of business as a recipient. 2 CFR 25 Appendix A (1)(C)(1).
STU means the Board or the Government company notified by the respective State Government under Sub-section (1) of Section 39 of the Act;
PAT means a document or product accessibility template, including any Information Technology Industry Council Voluntary Product Accessibility Template or VPAT®, that specifies how information and software products, such as websites, applications, software and associated content, conform to WCAG 2.0 Level AA.
Toddler means a child twelve months through twenty-nine months of age.
CJER means the Judicial Council’ Education Division Center for Judicial Education and Research, which is the Judicial Council organization administering the Program.
SR means state route and has the same meaning as state highway as defined in this section.
You/Your means the person who owns or leases the Covered Equipment and any person to whom the Policy is transferred pursuant to clause 11.
Don means the Director of Nursing. The Director of Nursing is an Employee who is a Registered Nurse appointed as the principal nursing executive officer, however styled, and who is responsible for the nursing service and any other service (including the training of nurses).