Automated message definition

Automated message means a computer system or any other electronic or automated means used to initiate or respond to electronic communicationsor related actions, in whole or in part, without review or intervention by a natural person;

Examples of Automated message in a sentence

  • Automated message systems, sometimes called “electronic agents”, are being used increasingly in electronic commerce and have caused scholars in some legal systems to revisit traditional legal theories of contract formation to assess their adequacy to contracts that come into being without human intervention.

  • Automated message strings shall be manually initiated from a single-button access on the console, on a SIP connected telephone, a panic button, from the web-based user interface or via interface with third party systems.

  • Severe Weather Procedures Notification: Automated message via the public address system.

  • Data from government Reproductive and Child Health PortalTrain government call center executives Audio messages on WhatsAppBot-based repository on WhatsApp A/B test message engagement Automated message tags Digital health compliance Basic level triaging based on user details Consolidated FAQ bank Geo-tagging sign-ups LATERWe will add these features in the next 6-12 months.

  • Tool can save messages for later delivery.- Automated message reprocessing is possible.

  • Though the effect of this statement cannot be expressed in the formal C0 semantics, the compiler literally embeds the given assembly code into the compilation.

  • Automated message recognised that some people are unable to access the internet.

  • Automated message strings shall be manually initiated from a single‐ button access on the console, on a SIP connected telephone, panic button, mobile app, from the web‐based user interface or via interface with third party systems.

  • The subject of the email will be: Automated message from EFT administrator.

  • Automated message passing absolves the need for manual derivations and removes computational barriers in scaling AIF to more demanding settings [19].

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  • Automated Message Accounting (AMA) is a structure inherent in switch technology that initially records Telecommunication message information. AMA format is contained in the Automated Message Accounting document published by Telcordia (formerly known as Bellcore) as GR-1100-CORE, which defines and amends the industry standard for message recording.

  • data message means information generated, sent, received or stored by electronic, magnetic, optical or similar means, including, but not limited to, electronic data interchange, electronic mail, telegram, telex or telecopy;

  • Automated Message Accounting (AMA means the structure that is inherent in switch technology that initially records Telecommunication message information. AMA format is contained in the Automated Message Accounting document published by iconectiv (formerly known as Telcordia) as GR-1100-CORE, which defines and amends the industry standard for message recording.

  • Electronic message means a communication transmitted electronically, including:

  • Agent’s Message means a message, transmitted by the Book-Entry Transfer Facility to, and received by, the Depositary and forming a part of a Book-Entry Confirmation, which states that the Book-Entry Transfer Facility has received an express acknowledgment from the participant in the Book-Entry Transfer Facility tendering the Shares which are the subject of such Book- Entry Confirmation, that such participant has received and agrees to be bound by the terms of the Letter of Transmittal and that Purchaser may enforce such agreement against the participant. For purposes of the Offer, Purchaser shall be deemed to have accepted for payment, and thereby purchased, Shares validly tendered prior to the Expiration Date and not properly withdrawn if, as and when Purchaser gives oral or written notice to the Depositary of Purchaser's acceptance of such Shares for payment pursuant to the Offer. Upon the terms and subject to the conditions of the Offer, payment for Shares accepted pursuant to the Offer will be made by deposit of the aggregate purchase price therefor with the Depositary, which will act as agent for tendering stockholders for the purpose of receiving payment from Purchaser and transmitting payment to such tendering stockholders. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL INTEREST ON THE PURCHASE PRICE FOR SHARES BE PAID REGARDLESS OF ANY EXTENSION OF THE OFFER OR ANY DELAY IN MAKING SUCH PAYMENT. Upon the deposit of funds with the Depositary for the purpose of making payments to tendering stockholders, Purchaser's obligation to make such payment shall be satisfied and tendering stockholders must thereafter look solely to the Depositary for payment of amounts owed to them by reason of the acceptance for payment of Shares pursuant to the Offer. Tendering stockholders will not be obligated to pay brokerage fees or commissions or, except as set forth in Instruction 6 of the Letter of Transmittal, transfer taxes on the purchase of Shares pursuant to the Offer. Purchaser will pay any charges and expenses of the Depositary and the Information Agent. If any tendered Shares are not accepted for payment for any reason pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Offer, or if Share Certificates are submitted evidencing more Shares than are tendered, Share Certificates evidencing such unpurchased Shares or untendered Shares will be returned, without expense to the tendering stockholder (or, in the case of Shares tendered by book-entry transfer into the Depositary's account at the Book- Entry Transfer Facility pursuant to the procedures set forth in Section 3, such Shares will be credited to an account maintained at the Book-Entry Transfer Facility), as promptly as practicable following the expiration, termination or withdrawal of the Offer. The Purchaser reserves the right to transfer or assign, in whole at any time, or in part from time to time, to one or more of its affiliates, the right to purchase all or any portion of the Shares tendered pursuant to the Offer, but any such transfer or assignment will not relieve Purchaser of its obligations under the Offer or prejudice the rights of tendering stockholders to receive payment for Shares validly tendered and accepted for payment pursuant to the Offer. 3.

  • Exchange Message Record or "EMR" is the standard used for exchange of telecommunications message information between telecommunications providers for billable, non-billable, sample, settlement and study data. EMR format is contained in BR-010-200-010 XXXX Exchange Message Record, a Telcordia document that defines industry standards for exchange message records. "Exchange Service" or "Extended Area Service (EAS)/Local Traffic" means traffic that is originated and terminated within the Local Calling Area as determined by the Commission.

  • Exchange Message Interface or "EMI" means the format used for exchange of Telecommunications message information among Telecommunications Carriers. It is referenced in the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) document that defines industry guidelines for the exchange of message records.

  • Text messaging means reading from or entering data into any handheld or other electronic device, including for the purpose of short message service texting, e-mailing, instant messaging, obtaining navigational information, or engaging in any other form of electronic data retrieval or electronic data communication. The term does not include glancing at or listening to a navigational device that is secured in a commercially designed holder affixed to the vehicle, provided that the destination and route are programmed into the device either before driving or while stopped in a location off the roadway where it is safe and legal to park.

  • Central Automatic Message Accounting (CAMA) Trunk means a trunk that uses Multi-Frequency (MF) signaling to transmit calls from CLEC’s switch to an AT&T-21STATE E911 Selective Router.

  • Automated driving system means the same as that term is defined in Section 41-26-102.1.

  • Automated Clearing House or “ACH” means a national and governmental organization that has authority to process electronic payments, including, but not limited to, the national automated clearing house association and the federal reserve system.

  • Electronic Means means the following communications methods: e-mail, facsimile transmission, secure electronic transmission containing applicable authorization codes, passwords and/or authentication keys issued by the Trustee, or another method or system specified by the Trustee as available for use in connection with its services hereunder.

  • Centralized Message Distribution System or "CMDS" means the operation system that Local Exchange Carriers use to exchange outcollect and IABS access messages among each other and other parties connected to CMDS.

  • Message means Data structured in accordance with the Adopted Protocol and transmitted electronically between the parties including where the context admits any part of such Data.

  • Electronic Media means media that utilize electronics or electromechanical energy for the end user (audience) to access the content; and includes, but is not limited to, electronic storage media, transmission media, the Internet, extranet, lease lines, dial-up lines, private networks, and the physical movement of removable/transportable electronic media and/or interactive distance learning.

  • Certified automated system means computer software certified under the agreement to calculate the tax imposed by each jurisdiction on a transaction, determine the amount of tax to remit to the appropriate state, and maintain a record of the transaction.

  • Automated teller machine means a device, linked to a financial institution's account records, which is able to carry out transactions, including, but not limited to: account transfers, deposits, cash withdrawals, balance inquiries, and mortgage and loan payments.

  • by electronic means means that the service is sent initially and received at its destination by means of electronic equipment for the processing (including digital compression) and storage of data, and entirely transmitted, conveyed and received by wire, by radio, by optical means or by other electromagnetic means,

  • Centralized Message Distribution System (CMDS) means the industry-wide data collection system, which handles the daily exchange of message details between CMDS participating telephone companies (also known as CMDS Direct Participants). AT&T-21STATE is a CMDS Direct Participant.

  • Automated external defibrillator or “AED” means an external semiautomatic device that determines whether defibrillation is required.

  • the text message voting system means such text messaging voting facility as may be provided by the returning officer for the purpose of enabling voters to cast their votes by text message;

  • Automated transaction means a transaction conducted or performed, in whole or in part, by electronic means or electronic records, in which the acts or records of one or both parties are not reviewed by an individual in the ordinary course in forming a contract, performing under an existing contract, or fulfilling an obligation required by the transaction.

  • Email has the meaning given in Clause 29.1;

  • Automated drug dispensing system means a mechanical or electronic system that performs

  • Cubic Metre means the volume of gas which occupies one cubic metre when such gas is at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, and at a pressure of 101.325 kilopascals absolute;

  • Quotation means the Bidder’s response made on the Quotation form set out on Part E of this RFQ with all appendices or addenda submitted by the Bidder in response to the RFQ;