ASD4 definition

ASD4 means the Town of Albion Sanitary District No. 4.

Examples of ASD4 in a sentence

A psychological evaluation that includes assessment of academic, intellectual, social-emotional, and behavioral functioning and must include at least one standardized instrument specific to ASD;4.

The word ‘reveal’ is defined in clause 1 of Schedule 4 of the GIPA Act as follows: reveal information means to disclose information that has not already been publicly disclosed (otherwise than by unlawful disclosure).

A psychological evaluation that includes assessment of academic, intellectual, social- emotional, and behavioral functioning and must include at least one standardized instrument specific to ASD;4.

Students are expected to remain quiet and in the room for the duration of ASD4.

What AT contextual conditions contribute to the treatment of children with ASD?4.

The predicate BoxedIn(t,ox,ob) (definition A.S.D.4) means that ob is a closed container, open container, or box with lid that contains ox.

The chancery court appropriately reaffirmed this principle by noting that “such good faith disagreements on business strategy could not justify purposeful board interference with the electoral process .

How are treatment methods appropriately aligned when parents and pediatriciansare better informed regarding a child’s diagnosis of ASD?4.

There is not the support for the use of casein-free diet or gluten-free or combination for individuals with ASD.4 There is a need for standardised definitions of adverse reactions to both food and medications.

Ownership of that Infrastructure remains with the Developer of the land until acceptance by the City.

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CFAF means the currency of the Borrower;
O. Reg. 419/05 means the Ontario Regulation 419/05, Air Pollution – Local Air Quality.
Panchayat means an institution (by whatever name called) of self-government constituted under article 243B, for the rural areas;
BOQ means Bill of Quantities
Cervidae means all animals belonging to the Cervidae family.
NATA means the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia;
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Cat means any feline, regardless of age or sex.
LHSIA means the Local Health System Integration Act, 2006, and the regulations made under it, as it and they may be amended from time to time;
We/Our/Us means Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited.
MOHLTC means the Minister or the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, as the context requires;
ref means the Article is based with variations in the cited regulation.
IRDAI means the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India.
CSDCC means the China Securities Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. “CSRC” means the China Securities Regulatory Commission.
SEIFA means the Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas published from time to time by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on its Internet website
HC or “Housing Credit Program” means the rental housing program administered by the Corporation in accordance with section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code and Section 420.5099, F.S., under which the Corporation is designated the Housing Credit agency for the state of Florida within the meaning of the following:
Test Strategy means a strategy for the conduct of Testing as described further in paragraph 3 of Call Off Schedule 5 (Testing);
Salmonid means of, belonging to, or characteristic of the family Salmonidae, which includes the salmon, trout, and whitefish.
Salmon means Pacific Salmon of the species Oncorhynchus nerka including sockeye; Oncorhynchus kisutch including coho; Oncorhynchus gorbuscha including pink; Oncorhynchus keta including chum; and Oncorhynchus tshawytcha including chinook; anadromous whitefish and cisco (Coregonidae spp.); and anadromous Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus).
CMBI means Chase Manhattan Bank International, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank, located in Moscow, Russia, and any nominee companies appointed by it.
Consumer product means a chemically formulated product used by household and institutional consumers including, but not limited to, detergents; cleaning compounds; polishes; floor finishes; cosmetics; personal care products; home, lawn, and garden products; disinfectants; sanitizers; aerosol paints; and automotive specialty products; but does not include other paint products, furniture coatings, or architectural coatings. As used in this article, the term “consumer product” shall also refer to aerosol adhesives, including aerosol adhesives used for consumer, industrial, and commercial uses.
BG means Bank Guarantee