Definition of ARC Resources

ARC Resources means ARC Resources Ltd., a corporation amalgamated under the ABCA;

Examples of ARC Resources in a sentence

Recent major contracts include: Suncor Energy, Ross Smith Energy Group, Hatch Engineering, Golder Associates, Laracina Energy, Nexen, Statoil, Murphy Oil, Husky Oil, Brion Energy, Athabasca Oil Corp, Oilsands Quest, DMT Geoscience, ARC Resources, Marathon, Paramount Energy, Kennecott Canada, Total Canada, OPTI Canada, Koch Canada, Quadrise.
I have reviewed the AIF, if any, annual financial statements and annual MD&A, including, for greater certainty, all documents and information that are incorporated by reference in the AIF (together, the "annual filings") of ARC Resources Ltd.
ARC owns a 99.99% interest in the ARC Resources General Partnership (the "partnership").
Due to the Trust's structure, currently, both income tax and future tax liabilities are passed on to the unitholders by means of royalty and interest payments made by ARC Resources to the Trust.
Each Storm shareholder will receive, at their election, either: (a) 0.5700 of an ARC trust unit, or (b) subject to adjustment, 0.2021 of an exchangeable share of ARC Resources Ltd.